Oka is a Ninja Crow. He is a member of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows. He's a martial artist, a ninja, and a great swordsman. His group of Ninja Crows respects him. He wants everyone to be themselves. He has black hair. He likes the Big Cheese for being leader of the Ninja Crows. Oka is a crossdresser and he's gay just like the Big Cheese. Oka loves to crossdress. When he defeats his opponents, he likes to humiliated them by forcing them to wear girls' outfits (crossdressing like him) and he releases them so everyone will see them wearing girls' outfits. One time, he defeated Bad Max (leader of the Rude Noise) and he forces Bad Max to wear a cheerleader outfit (with girls' white underwear 'panties'). His fighting armor is a kimono and a sword. When he wins a fight, he wears a cheerleader outfit (with girls' white underwear 'panties') just like the Big Cheese's cheerleader outfit and he cheers for himself and his allies. Oka deeply wants to be the Big Cheese's personal dress designer and make outfits for his boss and for the Ninja Crows.

He became Ruby's dress designer apprentice.

Oka favorite outfits are a cheerleader outfit (with girls' white underwear 'panties'), a geisha outfit, a kimono, a night sleep outfit, swimsuits for women, woman outfits during weekly boxing lesson and other martial arts training, wearing Polly Esther's (Pururun's) outfits, Princess Vi's outfits, the Big Cheese's crossdress outfits, the Big Cheese regular outfit, the Ninja Crow outfit, and a school girl uniform (the sailor school girl outfit).



Seymour Cheese, (boss) Oka likes the Big Cheese.

Ruby, (teacher) Oka wants to be the Big Cheese's personal dress designer and he asked Ruby to teach him.


Oka with his love of crossdressing and he'a a homosexual. The word okama is another word for crossdressing and/or homosexual.

His collection of crossdressing outfits and makeup, is a lot. The Big Cheese says that he got more clothes than Princess Vi. Oka doesn't want to have more clothes than the Big Cheese, since Oka likes the Big Cheese.

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