Kate T. Cat is the daughter of Spritz T. Cat and Meyrin T. Cat. She is a cat. She can breathe air and she can also breathe underwater. Kate T. Cat is a little bit of a cross-bred. (because she can breathe both air and water). She later becomes the member of the Rescue Team.

She got a new weapon called the Trident of the Ninja Water Clan, learned a new move called the Trident Beam and a new finisher move called TRIDENT WATER TORNADO!

Princess Aikoshi and Princess Kazumi give Kate a Chinsese fan weapons as a peace offering. Kate must name her weapon, move, and finisher move.

Kate get an Egyptian Bow and Arrow

Kate T. Cat's Space Trident is called Intergalactic Catfish Trident of the Sea. Finisher move: Neptune Catfish Trident Strike!


Meyrin T. Cat (mother)

Sora (husband)

Helena (daughter)

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