Haman Crow was the daughter of Princess Vi, Bat Cat, and a Ninja Crow (the Ninja Crow put his DNA and egg inside Princess Vi's stomach.) Later Princess Vi gave birth to the child (along with four of her silbings). She is a crow (she has Princess Vi's color hair). Later the Princess gave her and two of her silbing to the Big Cheese and sent to the Flying Skull nursey school. Later, her two of her silbings' DNAs were rewritten and their no longer her silbings. Later, Dr. Purple rewritten her DNA and she is now the daughter of Bad Bird 2 and she is no longer the Princess's daughter and Bat Cat's daughter. Dr. Purple murdered her father (the Ninja Crow) in order to tied up loose ends. She is now also the granddaughter of Dr. Purple (thanks to a DNA rewritten) and her brother is Cruel (Bad Bird 3)


A Ninja Crow (no longer father due to the DNA rewritten) deceased.

Bat Cat (no longer father due to the DNA rewritten)

Princess Vi (no longer mother due to the DNA rewritten)

Bad Bird 2 (officially father) because DNA rewritten

Cruel (Bad Bird 3) brother

Dr. Purple (officially grandfather) because DNA rewritten

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