Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. This film takes place between Fan Episodes page 4 and Fan Episodes page 5. This film hopefully will be a 75 minutes - 90 minutes movie.


The New York Pizza Cats protect Manhattan, New York, until one fateful day, Dee-Dee and Cosmo are kidnapped. The Sundance Kid (a.k.a. Michael in the KNT) calls the Samurai Pizza Cats for help. Michael suspects Pop Koon and Genchan (Big Cheese's and Jerry Atric's New York counterparts) are behind this. The heroes must work together in order to save two comrades. Could the Sundance Kid (a.k.a. Michael) swallow his pride and work with Speedy and the others?

Samurai Pizza Cats Movie (Search for Missing Cats in New York)Edit

At Manhattan, New York, criminals are terrorizing the streets of New York until the New York Pizza Cats (NYPC for short) show up. The NYPC battle the criminals using their special attacks. After defeating the criminals, the NYPC did their pose.

Later at the NYPC's Pizza Restaurant, the three heroes celebrate their victory. The Sundance Kid (a.k.a. Michael) shows off. Cosmo and Dee-Dee are annoyed by him. The next day, the NYPC work at the NYPC's Pizza Restaurant, the customers demand pizza. Michael the Sundance Kid drops the pizza, Cosmo slipped on the pizza, and Dee-Dee drops the cups when Cosmo bumps into her. Abigail gets very angry and she orders them to clean up the mess. Later, the Sundance Kid visits Lucinda (a.k.a. Honey in the KNT version). Michael and Lucinda talk to each other for a while until she got upset and she takes out her machine gun and started to fire at Michael.

Later, a group of unknown figures appear and they said, "Soon those cats will be dead!"

The next day, Manhattan is under attack and the NYPC head out. When the NYPC got there they notice a big robot is attacking the park. The NYPC battle the robot. During the battle, a figure appears and the figure says, "Commence operation." Suddenly, a group of hooded figures appear and they capture Cosmo and Dee-Dee. The Sundance Kid saw his friends being capture. He tries to save them, but failed because the robot stopped him from saving his friends. The robot tries to capture the Sundance Kid, but the Sundance Kid escapes. Later at the New York Cat's Pizza Restaurant, Michael tells Abigail (Ball in the KNT version) and The Chief (Al Dente's New York counterpart) what happen to him and his team. The Chief isn't happy about including Abigail. The Boss says, "This is unacceptable." Abigail says, "With Dee-Dee and Cosmo captured. How are we going to rescue our friends?" The Sundance Kid says, "Easy, looking!" The Boss yells, "You’re not doing this alone! You’re going to need help!" The Boss picks up the phone and he dials the phone numbers. The Boss says, "Hello, this is the Boss, I need back up!"

Later, four people appear at the NYPC Restaurant, three cats and one crow. The four people introduce themselves. The three cats and the crow are Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird (GB for short). The four heroes tell the Sundance Kid that his boss called them to help him out to find Dee-Dee and Cosmo. The Sundance Kid tells the others that he'll find Cosmo and Dee-Dee alone. Speedy and the others tell Michael that he can't find them alone, but Michael tells them that they won't survive New York. The Boss orders him to work with Speedy and the others. Michael grudgingly accepts the orders.

The next day, Michael the Sundance Kid takes Speedy and the others to the place where Dee-Dee and Cosmo were last seen. Speedy and Michael look at the ground, while Polly and Good Bird look at the sky. Speedy asked, "Where's Guido?" Guido is seen flirting with girls until Polly knocks him out and drags him back with the group. Meanwhile, Dee-Dee and Cosmo tied up and blindfolded and they're in a dark room. Dee-Dee asked, "Cosmo, where are you?" Cosmo says, "I can hear you, but I can't see you." A shadow figure appears and he opens the door. He says, "We will have our revenge on all of you." The shadow figure closes the door. Later, Good Bird found a clue. The clue is a feather. Michael thinks a feather wouldn't help, but Speedy and the others realize that the feather came from a crow. Michael is jealous. Speedy asked Michael if the attackers were crows, but Michael tells him that he and the others were fighting a robot not crows. Later, Michael and the others went downtown to see someone who can help them. Michael found the informant. The informant tells Michael and the others that he saw a group of crows and a fox. Michael says, "Pop Koon." Later, Michael and the others head to the Pop Koon's HQ. The heroes go through an air vent and they spy on Pop Koon and his henchmen. Pop Koon asked, "Is everything is going according to plan?" Michael yells, "Okay! I'm going in right now!" Speedy yells, "No wait!" Michael jumps out of the air vent and he attacks Pop Koon. Michael yells, "What have you done to Cosmo and Dee-Dee!?" Pop Koon yells, "I don't know what you’re talking about!" Michael yells, "Where are they now!?" Speedy and the others restrain Michael. Speedy and the others interrogate Pop Koon and his gang. Pop Koon tells them that the plans were really a plan for the beach party. Speedy and the others find it disturbing. Speedy says, "Your story is clear, but we'll be watching you." Speedy and the others drag Michael back to the restaurant. The Chief is unhappy of Michael's reckless behavior. Speedy and the others warn Michael not to do this again. Michael still angry and he yell, "I will find you guys!"

The next day, Speedy and Michael head downtown while Abigail takes Polly and the others uptown. Speedy asked, "What's going on Kid? I never see you like this before." Michael didn't answer his question. Speedy says, "Look, I know your worry about Cosmo and Dee-Dee. You don't need to do this all by yourself. Trust me, I know." Michael says, "You don't know anything. You’re not in Little Tokyo. You’re in New York!" Speedy gets angry and he says, "Your right, I'm not in Little Tokyo. I'm in New York and I'm here to help you save your friends! So stop being such a jerk!" Michael loses his temper and he unintentionally pushes an old woman. The old woman yells, "These two men push me!" A group of people chases Speedy and Michael. Speedy and Michael ran for their lives. They manage to escape from their pursuers. Speedy yells, "Everyone in this place remains me of home!" Michael says, "Welcome to my world."

Meanwhile, Abigail takes Polly, Guido, and Good Bird uptown and they meet up with Lucinda. Lucinda tells the heroes that she heard rumors that a fox and a group of crows came are going to attack New York Harbor. The heroes head to New York Harbor. Polly tries to call Speedy and the Sundance Kid, but no response.

Meanwhile, Speedy and the Sundance Kid are at Time Square. The Sundance Kid asked a few people if they see Cosmo and Dee-Dee, but no one in this city haven't seen them until a little girl tells them that she saw them being carried by a group of crows, however, these crows are Japanese. Speedy realizes who those Japanese crows are and he says, "The Ninja Crows. The Big Cheese and his gang are back in New York." Meanwhile at New York Harbor, Polly and the others look around until they saw a group of crows coming. Polly and the others hide and they saw a group of Ninja Crows, Jerry Atric, and the Big Cheese. Polly says, "It’s the Big Cheese and his gang." Guido says, "They could be the ones that kidnapped Cosmo and Dee-Dee." Good Bird says, "Looks like they got a new member." A crow appears and he's wearing a dark blue armor and dark blue cape. Jerry says, "Welcome to New York, Blue Gunner." Blue Gunner says, "Glad to work for you Jerry." Jerry says, "Bad Bird 2 has to take care of business back at Little Tokyo. Blue Gunner you'll fit in nicely." Blue Gunner see a pigeon, he takes out a gun, and he shoots it. The pigeon got hit and fell in the water. The Big Cheese and Jerry are surprise of his abilities. The Big Cheese says, "Let’s get to work." Polly says, "We need to follow them. Abigail and Lucinda head back to the restaurant and wait for Speedy and the Sundance Kid." Abigail and Lucinda head back while Polly, Guido, and Good Bird follow the Big Cheese and his gang. The heroes follow the bad guys around the city until they reach the Plaza Hotel. The Big Cheese and his gang check in the Plaza Hotel. The heroes decided to go through the back door of the hotel. The heroes found the Big Cheese and his gang in the hotel rooms. Polly and the others hide and they spy on them. The Big Cheese asked, "Did they do their job?" Polly asked, "Whose they?" Jerry says, "Yes, they’re here and they completed their task." The Big Cheese says, "Tell them to be on standby in case we need them." Jerry says, "Yes sir." Polly and the others sneak out and they head back to the restaurant. Polly and the others wait for Speedy and the Sundance Kid until Speedy and the Sundance Kid show up at 3:00 A.M. Polly yells at the both of them for being out all night without calling her and the others. Polly tells them that the Big Cheese and his gang are in New York. Speedy and the Sundance Kid told her that they found out about it earlier. The Chief tells the Sundance Kid and the others to investigate the Big Cheese and his gang.

The next day, the heroes follow the Big Cheese and his gang. The Big Cheese is wearing a women's swimsuit and he's swimming in the pool. Jerry, the Ninja Crows, and the heroes freak out after seeing the Big Cheese's swimsuit. Later, the Big Cheese and his gang head uptown while the heroes follow. The bad guys head to a beauty shop. The heroes wonder why the bad guys stop at a beauty shop. The heroes go inside and they notice the bad guys are gone. Unknown to the heroes that there is a secret elevator in the beauty shop and the bad guys used it to go to their secret underground base. The Big Cheese and his gang meet up with Pop Koon and his gang and the two leaders laugh. Meanwhile, the heroes search for the bad guys, but no luck.

Meanwhile, Pop Koon tells the Big Cheese that he saw the Samurai Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese orders Jerry to send a group to destroy the heroes. Jerry asked, "The same group that captures the two New York Cats?" The Big Cheese says, "Yes." Pop Koon says, "Take my troops." Later, the heroes continue to search for the bad guys. The Sundance Kid gets separate from the others. A group of Pop Koon's crows spots the Sundance Kid and they follow him. The Sundance Kid walks to the park until Pop Koon’s crows surround the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid battles the bad guys and defeats them. A group of figures show up and they said, "Let see how good you are against us the Rude Noise." The Sundance Kid says, "Never heard of you." The Rude Noise took that as an insult and they attack him. Bad Max says, "We’re the ones that kidnapped your friends." The Sundance Kid gets angry and he attacks them aggressively. Cannonball Battery and Mojo Rojo grab the Sundance Kid. Bad Max gets ready to finish off the Sundance Kid until Speedy shows up and he takes out Ronnie Geissmuller. Bad Max and the others turn their attention on Speedy. The Sundance Kid breaks free and he and the Sundance Kid work together to battle the Rude Noise. Speedy handles Cannonball and Mojo while the Sundance Kid battles Bad Max. Bad Max taunts the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid gets real angry and he shoots Bad Max's leg. The Sundance Kid tackles Bad Max and he beats the crow to a pulp. Speedy saw this and he yells, "Michael don't kill him!" Cannonball and Mojo continue to battle Speedy. Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power and he defeats Cannonball and Mojo. Speedy manages to stop the Sundance Kid from killing Bad Max. The Sundance Kid tells Speedy that the Rude Noise kidnapped Dee-Dee and Cosmo. Speedy tells him that the Rude Noise will be taken in for interrogation. Later, the Rude Noise is taken in for interrogation. The Rude Noise didn't say anything. Polly decides to use torture. Polly tortures them for hours. During the torture, Ronnie was about to talk until Bad Max threaten him until Polly uses extreme measures. Polly closes the curtains on Speedy and the others. Speedy and the others hear the Rude Noise screaming and they yell, "Will talk!" The Rude Noise tells the heroes that the Big Cheese and his gang have Dee-Dee and Cosmo and he teams up with Pop Koon and his gang. Speedy and the others wonder what the Big Cheese and Pop Koon are up to.

Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and Pop Koon are building a robot. The Big Cheese says, "Once New York is under our control, I'll have half of the city while you have the other half." Pop Koon says, "Once the New York Pizza Cats and the Samurai Pizza Cats there will no one stopping us." The Big Cheese says, "You can expand your organization to Little Tokyo while my organization can expand here in New York." Pop Koon says, "Both of our organizations will become one." Blue Gunner looks at the robot and he says, "As long I get the chance to have fun." Blue Gunner drinks a glass cup of wine. Blue Gunner says, "That’s fine wine."

Meanwhile, the Sundance Kid puts bullets in his gun. Speedy walks in and he asked, "can I talk to you?" The Sundance Kid says, "Go ahead I don't care." Speedy says, "I understand why you’re acting like this. You deeply care about your teammates." The Sundance Kid stops for a moment and he continues to put bullets in his gun. Speedy says, "Last time I was here you needed my help to save New York." The Sundance Kid says, "You needed my help to stop the robot." Both Speedy and the Sundance Kid laugh. Speedy says, "Still you need us to help you rescue your friends." The Sundance Kid sighs and he says, "Okay, I'll swallow my pride to work with you and the others." Speedy just about to walk out until the Sundance Kid says, "oh, Speedy. Thank you." Speedy smiles and he walks out to get ready for battle.

Later, the Big Cheese and Pop Koon tell their men to get ready for battle. Cosmo and Dee-Dee are carried out by the crows. The crows hang the two cats at the crane. The bad guys unleash their newest robot and they order the robot to attack New York. The robot attacks the city until five heroes appear. The five heroes did their introduction until they all yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!!" Both the Big Cheese and Pop Koon order their crows to attack the heroes. The heroes battle the crows. Guido uses his umbrella attack on a group of crows. Polly uses her shuriken hearts on a group of crows. Good Bird does his slash attack on a group of crows. Speedy does his slash attack on a group of crows. Michael the Sundance Kid uses his revolver and he fires it at the crows' weapons. The Big Cheese and Pop Koon yell, "SEND OUT THE ROBOT TO FINISH THOSE CATS!!" Jerry Atric and Genchan sigh and said, "Okay sir. Our bosses are impatient as ever." The Big Cheese and Pop Koon yell, "WHAT WAS THAT!?" Jerry and Genchan said, "Nothing." The robot appears. The Big Cheese and Pop Koon yell, "ATTACK!!" The robot attacks the five heroes. The Sundance Kid gets ready to use his finishing move until a crow appears and he shots the Sundance Kid's gun off his hand. The heroes including the Sundance Kid are shock about this. The Sundance Kid looks around to see where the shot came from until the crow yells, "I'm right here!" The Sundance Kid looks up and he sees a dark blue crow and he's holding a glass of wine. Polly says, "That’s the Big Cheese's newest employee. Blue Gunner says, "I'm Blue Gunner and you all are poor peasants." The heroes took that as an insult. The Big Cheese tells the heroes that Blue Gunner comes from a rich family. Blue Gunner puts the glass of wine down and he takes out another gun. Blue Gunner says, "Let’s play furball cowboy." Blue Gunner fires his guns at the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid dodges them and he fires back at Blue Gunner. Blue Gunner throws a gas tank at the Sundance Kid and he fires his gun at the gas tank causing the gas tank to explode. The Sundance Kid was able to avoid, but his left arm and right leg got burned and injured because of the explosion. Blue Gunner asked, "is that I all you got?" Speedy steps in and he says, "You having faced me." Blue Gunner yells, "YOU?! (LAUGH) You got to be kidding me. You’re a swordsman not a marksman." Speedy yells, "Do you want a fight?!" The Sundance Kid says, "wait. Take my gun Speedy." Speedy says, "You’ll need your weapon." The Sundance Kid says, "Take it." The Sundance Kid lends Speedy his gun. Speedy says, "Polly, you and the others handle the robot. I'll handle him." Polly and the others nodded and they battle the robot. Speedy fires the gun at Blue Gunner, but misses and he accidentally hits Jerry Atric's cane and Genchan's cane. Speedy yells, "SORRY!" Blue Gunner laughs and he says, "This is going to be easy." Blue Gunner takes out an AK-47 and he fires his weapon at Speedy. Speedy ran around to avoid the bullets. The Sundance Kid says, "This is embarrassing." The Sundance Kid saw kid playing with a slingshot. The Sundance Kid yells, "Hey, Kid! Come here!"

Meanwhile, Polly and the others battle the robot. The robot takes out two cannons coming out of its arms and fires it at the others. Polly, Guido, and Good Bird manage to cut the cannon balls in half. Polly says, "Your cannonballs are nothing compare to General Catton's. His cannonballs have more firepower." Guido and Good Bird nodded.

Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, General Catton sneezes. General Catton says, "Someone is talking about me." Meanwhile, Polly and the others were able to destroy the two cannons. Polly, Guido, and Good Bird perform their finishing moves to destroy the robot. The robot exploded. Blue Gunner takes out a bazooka. Blue Gunner says, "Sayonara Pussycat." The Sundance Kid yells, "You got it wrong hombre! Sayonara you're rich crow!" The Sundance Kid fires a slingshot at Blue Gunner's bazooka. The rock hits the bazooka causing the bazooka to move up and Blue Gunner unintentionally fires the bazooka at the sky. The bazooka missile hits a blimp. The blimp exploded. The Big Cheese asked, "Was that your blimp Pop Koon?" Pop Koon fainted. The Sundance Kid yells, "Use my finishing move Speedy!" Speedy nodded and he uses the Sundance Kid's finishing move. Speedy uses that move on Blue Gunner. Speedy fires the weapon and he hits Blue Gunner. Blue Gunner got shot and the bullet hit his arm. Blue Gunner went flying and he hits the wall. Blue Gunner is cover with blood and he passes out. Speedy yells, "Let's do our pose!" Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and the Sundance Kid did their pose. The Big Cheese and Pop Koon (just regain consciousness) literally explode in anger while Jerry Atric and Genchan get caught in the explosion.

Later, the heroes free Cosmo and Dee-Dee. Cosmo and Dee-Dee thank the heroes for rescuing them. Speedy and the Sundance Kid shake hands. The Sundance Kid thanks Speedy and the others for helping him out and he asked them if they want to see a Yankee Game at Yankee Stadium. The heroes accepted the offer.

Later, the heroes are at the Yankee Stadium. One of the Yankee Players hit a home run and Polly catches the ball. When another Yankee Player hit a home run, Speedy tries to catch it but the ball hit his face and Speedy fell unconscious. The Sundance Kid laughs at Speedy until another Yankee Player hit a home run and the ball hit the Sundance Kid causing the Sundance Kid to fell unconscious. Cosmo and Dee-Dee said, "Bad karma Michael, bad karma." Polly, Guido, and Good Bird nodded.

Later that night, Blue Gunner is at the hospital and the nurse crows took the bullet out and they treated his wounds. The Big Cheese and Pop Koon appear and they forced Blue Gunner to pay for destroying the blimp, for letting the heroes beat them, and the hospital bills. The Big Cheese and Pop Koon gives Blue Gunner the grand total and Blue Gunner scream in terror when he saw how much he needs to pay.

The End


The SPC and the KNT series should have more episodes of the New York Pizza Cats and their adventures. I wanted to see more of Speedy and the Sundance Kid being rivals to each other and working together. Blue Gunner is a new villain and he's an excellent marksman. I wanted the heroes to visit the Yankee Stadium.


Blue Gunner first appearance.

Yankee Stadium appears in this movie.