Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie


In a parallel universe (World T), Al Dente was killed by Drake Slasher. Big Cheese summons the Dark Meteor that will destroy Little Tokyo. Speedy destroys the meteor and sacrifices himself to save Little Tokyo. Joey Cerviche kills Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Dr. Purple and the Ninja Crow army and got killed by Drake Slasher. Drake Slasher kills the rescue team and their family and is about to kill General Catton but the Samurai Pizza Angels and Samurai Pizza Warriors stopped him and Drake retreats. Polly Esther Cerviche, she's Speedy's wife. She dies giving birth to her son, Guido Sukashii Cerviche. Bucky and Francine decided to adopt Guido and Aiko and raise them as their own. 7 years later, Guido and Aiko live happily after living with their adopted family. But things turn worse Drake Slasher infects the deceased Al Dente, Big Cheese, Bat Cat and Dr. Purple with the Blaokanos virus and revives them and terrorize Little Tokyo. But to make matters worse Drake Slasher became the Prime Minister of Little Tokyo and threatens Guido and his sister Aiko. Guido and Aiko must face dangers and become the warriors. Guido is given the fate whether he kills his sister and General Catton or save the world. Will the Samurai Pizza Warriors and the Samurai Pizza Angels protect the children before it's too late?

Samurai Pizza Cats (The Legend of Guido Sukashii Cerviche)Edit

In a parallel universe (World T), in Little Tokyo Speedy wakes up with his wife Polly and they woke up their daughter Aiko. Polly was about to tell Speedy. Speedy asked, "What is it Polly?" Polly said, "My baby is coming out." Speedy said, "Oh my we better take you to the hospital." Speedy takes Polly to the hospital. Aiko said, "Daddy I am excited about my new sibling." Speedy calls his brother Joey to take care of Aiko. Joey asked, "Brother, do I have to babysit?" Speedy said, "You have too." Joey said, "Okay." Bucky and his wife Francine overhears the news about Polly's baby going to come out. Meanwhile, Big Cheese teams up with Dr. Purple to take over Little Tokyo by using the Dark Meteor from space. Good Bird warns Speedy that Big Cheese is about to take over Little Tokyo. Polly can't go because she is having the baby. Speedy calls Al Dente to tell him that there is a meteor that Big Cheese is going to use. Big Al Dente sends in the Samurai Pizza Cats (especially Polly), Good Bird, Samurai Pizza Angels and Samurai Pizza Warriors to stop Big Cheese and his plans. Meanwhile, Al Dente is done sending in the Pizza Cats. A mysterious figure appears into Al Dente's office and said, "Well Al Dente. I know you and it is time to die." Al Dente yells, "WHAT!! WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME!?" The mysterious figure said, "My name is Drake Slasher." Drake Slasher shoots Al Dente in the eye and died. Drake Slasher said, "Al Dente you are dead and gone. (Evil laughs)" Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats defeated the ninja crow clan. Big Cheese said, "This Dark Meteor will destroy Little Tokyo and I can't stop it." Jerry Atric asked, "We don't know how to stop it?" Speedy summons the Supreme Catatonic and transforms into the robot. Speedy says, "Everyone if I don't make it out tell my son I love him." Bucky said, "Speedy you can't do it." Good Bird said, "That will be suicide." Speedy said, "I know." Later, at the hospital Polly is about to deliver the baby. Jacky comes in and tells Polly he'll be okay. Aiko asks, "Uncle Joey will my daddy be okay?" Joey said, "Yes he will be okay." Speedy takes off and starts to destroy the Dark Meteor. The Great Warrior appears and said, "Speedy you must know that you have to be strong and be powerful to destroy the meteor." The Great Warrior disappears. Speedy uses his Supreme Catatonic and destroys the meteor. Speedy gets caught in the explosion and said in his thought, "Little Tokyo is safe along with my children. Guido and Aiko take care of yourselves." and dies completely. Bucky's tears come out and yell, "SPEEDY NO!!!! (SOBS)" Francine, Good Bird, Wally, Lucille and Guido started crying about Speedy who died in the explosion. Meanwhile, Polly senses Speedy's death and started crying. Polly said, "(sob) Speedy! (Sob)" Aiko is crying that his father passed away. Aiko yelled, "(SOB) DADDY!!! (SOB)" Joey found out that his brother is dead and heads out to kill Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Dr. Purple and the rest of the ninja crows. Joey angrily yells, "YOU ARE DEAD FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY BROTHER!!!" Joey gets a chainsaw and kills Big Cheese and his henchmen along with Dr. Purple. After Joey kills them he was killed by Drake Slasher. Drake Slasher said, "Well I guess it is easy since Joey wastes all of his power." The Rescue Team came here to arrest the mysterious killer but he was not here. Drake kills Spritz's family, Meowzma's family, and General Catton's family. Drake said, "Your family is gone and so are you and your rescue team." Drake kills Bat Cat, Meowzma O' Tool and Spritz T. Cat. General Catton said, "What have you done to my team." Drake says, "They were all dead and so are you." Just as he is about to kill Catton the Samurai Pizza Warriors and Samurai Pizza Angels stopped Drake and throws him off the window. Drake disappears. Meanwhile, the doctors tell Polly to push one more time and Polly and the baby came out. The doctor said, "It's a baby boy." The doctors wrap the baby with a blanket. Polly hugs her son and she kisses him. Polly says, "Guido, (sob) I'm glad you were born." Polly continues to hug her son. Polly sings Guido a lullaby called the "Moon and the Warrior". After she finishes singing, she cries and smiles. The Pizza Cats went into the hospital and tells Jacky that Speedy sacrifices his life to save Little Tokyo. Jacky started to cry. The heroes went into the hospital room where they see Polly holding baby Guido asleep. Polly dies by giving birth to Guido. Aiko is crying that her mother is dead and the doctors tried to bring her back to life but it didn't work. Speedy and Polly were given a special funeral where they show statues of Speedy and Polly. Polly's dead body is placed in a coffin and buried. Joey and Al were buried also. General Catton talks to Bucky and said that the Rescue Team were dead and their bodies were taken. Bucky tells Francine that He wants to adopt Aiko and Guido Cerviche. Francine said, "Why do we have to adopt Aiko and Guido?" Bucky said, "Because we can take care of them." Francine and Bucky adopted Guido and Aiko and takes them home. Bucky and Francine went home and both said, "Otama, Linda and Bucky Jr. we are home." Otama said, "Mommy and Daddy your back." Bucky shows Guido and Aiko and said, "We got two children we are going to add to the family." Guido and Aiko were given a new home with their new parents Bucky and Francine.

Seven Years Later (General Catton found new members of the Rescue team named Koga, Aruno, and Jet Cat who has his finished his training from his father before he died and became 14 years old. Junior became the new head of the guards and boss of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Finally, Little Tokyo is a peaceful after Drake's disappearance.)

Francine is about to open the restaurant. Guido shows up and said, "I hope we can do well with our new chef Carla" GB said, "Well Carla would do a good job making pizzas." Carla said, "Why thanks Birdy." Carla kisses GB. Kazuma said, "Father." GB said, "Yes my son." Kazuma said, "My little brother Birdy can't stop crying." GB said, "Don't worry son I will cheer him up." GB juggles some apples and makes Birdy laugh. Bucky comes in the restaurant taking Aiko and Guido in to have lunch. Bucky Jr. asked, "Hey brother how are you?" Guido said, "Well I am feeling fine." Linda said, "Aiko after we eat lunch we will play tea party." Aiko said, "Okay sister." Otama said, "Daddy when are we going to have lunch." Bucky said, "Soon." Francine comes to see her husband Bucky. Francine asked, "Bucky how are you?" Bucky said, "I am fine you know." Carla made lunch for Bucky and his family. Meanwhile, back at the palace Princess Vi found a replacement for prime minister. Princess Vi said, "Do you want to accept the job as prime minister Drake Slasher." Drake said, "Yes I will accept the job as prime minister." Drake Slasher became prime minister of Little Tokyo. The Cover Rain members found Al Dente's dead body and revived him with the Blaokanos Virus along with Dr. Purple, Bat Cat, the Big Cheese, Meowzma O' Tool, and Spritz T. Cat to become the Blaokanos creatures. Blaokanos Big Cheese, Blaokanos Spritz and Blaokanos Meowzma fused together to become the Blaokanos Three headed monster. Meanwhile, Bucky and Francine are at the park with their children. Guido saw the Rescue Team. Guido asked, "Hey Dad is that the Rescue Team?" Bucky said, "Why yes it is." The Rescue Team looks at Guido. General Catton said, "Well it is a long time seeing Guido. So Bucky your boy looks healthy today." Bucky said, "Why sure he is." After they were done talking they left the park and said their good byes. Meanwhile, at X-Town (No zombies in this town) Kantoku found Cover Rain Industries is doing something with the Blaokanos Virus and has to get to the bottom of this. Kantoku said, "Well I found proof that there was an evil experiment in this industry." Kantoku is about to expose the evil in Cover Rain Industries until he was captured by the security guards of Cover Rain Industries and brought to Drake Slasher. Drake Slasher said, "Well you found out that I was going to start creating Blaokanos creatures. Well I think there will be no one to rescue you and stop me from spreading the Blaokanos Virus." Drake pulls out the gun and shoots Kantoku and the screen fades black.

2 years later. Bucky takes the family to the Museum of Legendary Warriors in Little Tokyo to see how legendary warriors defended Little Tokyo with honor and strength. Guido sees the Samurai Kung Fu Jr. League Tournament for ages 6-12. Guido wants to train for the tournament with his father. Bucky trains Guido for him to win the tournament. Guido has entered the tournament to win against his rivals Kani and Dani the Crimson Fire Twins. After Guido won the tournament Guido was awarded with a trophy. Drake sees that Guido won the tournament and wants him to join the dark side. But Mokuta saw Guido won the trophy and wants him to become a millionaire. Meanwhile, General Catton was captured by the dark. The Great Warrior appears along with Speedy, Joey and Polly. The Great Warrior said, "Catton you will be warned by Speedy." Speedy said, "If you lose my son to the greedy industry man name Mokuta then you will spend the rest of eternity in the darkness." Polly said, "Don't you dare lose my son." Joey said, "You will pay for losing my nephew." General Catton got out of the darkness and he still has time to rescue Guido. Drake confronts Guido. Drake said, "Well Guido will you want to become the success of the new future." Guido said, "No." Mokuta knocks out Drake and drags him to the car. Drake wakes up and found himself in the cage. Guido was walking home and saw Mokuta Stinch. Mokuta said, "Hello I protect you from the evil man named Drake. I want you to become a millionaire and sponsor my own industry to make us rich." Guido said, "No." Guido went home to see his parents that he won the tournament and made their family proud. Guido puts the trophy in the trophy case. Meanwhile, Drake escapes the cage and captures General Catton. Junior and Ronso know that Drake kills their own father and tells Princess Vi that she has been doubling crossed that General Catton was kidnapped.

Bucky is going to find Catton and bring Drake Slasher to justice. Guido wants to help his father but he can't. Guido must find Catton until he met Mokuta who gives helps him find Catton with his tracking device. Guido has finally made it until Aiko follows him and is going to warn him about the dangers of going to X-Town's Cover Rain Industries. Mokuta gives Guido the Katana and magnum to fight the Blaokanos creatures. He went into the lab and encounters the Blaokanos Rescue Team (especially General Catton), Blaokanos Al Dente, Blaokanos Dr. Purple and Blaokanos Big Cheese and starts to attack him. Guido kills all the Blaokanos creatures and made it to Drake Slasher's office. Guido saw General Catton chained on the wall. General Catton yelled, "GUIDO CERVICHE RUN AWAY!!! YOU CAN'T DEFEAT HIM!!!" Drake Slasher yelled, "SHUT UP!!!" Drake punches General Catton in the stomach. Guido said, "Leave him alone." Drake Slasher said, "Guido you will kill General Catton and help me spread the Blaokanos Virus all over the world when you get older. So I want you to finish General Catton." Aiko made it to Drake's office and yells, "BROTHER DON'T DO IT!!!!" Aiko said, "I won't let you do this brother you will be nothing but a murderer. You have to kill Drake Slasher and finish him to protect the innocent." Drake Slasher said, "So you are defending General Catton. Guido kills them both." Guido is confused and said, "I can't do it." Drake Slasher said, "You must kill General Catton or I will destroy you and your sister and General Catton myself. It is your destiny." Guido looks at Drake Slasher and kills Drake by slicing his head off. Drake Slasher is dead and General Catton is saved. Everyone in X-Town celebrated for Guido Cerviche's hero ship and Mokuta wants him to sign a contract to become rich but Guido refuses and leaves.

At home Bucky wonders where his children are but Guido and Aiko made it home. General Catton said, "Guido saved my life." Bucky is proud that his son saved Catton. At night Bucky takes his son to see the statues of Speedy and Polly. These statues show the name of the legendary heroes. Speedy’s statue says, “Speedy, a cat, a savior of Little Tokyo, husband of Polly, and the father of two children.” Polly’s statue says, “Polly, a cat, a savior of Little Tokyo, a wife of Speedy, and a mother of two children.” Bucky tells Guido that these are his real parents. Guido looks at the statues and sees the ghosts of their parents Polly and Speedy. Guido started crying. Guido said, "Mama and Papa." Speedy said, I am so proud of you for saving Little Tokyo son." Polly said, "My son I am so happy that you did the right thing." Guido's deceased parents gave him the armor that is like Speedy's armor but it’s the same size as Guido Cerviche. Guido's parents disappeared. Guido said, "I will be stronger than you dad just you wait."

6 years later, a criminal starts to rob banks but Bucky and his family including Guido Cerviche and Aiko Cerviche foiled the bank robbers' plans and arrested him. The bank owner said, "Thank you for stopping the bank robbers." The heroes did their pose. Guido's pose is like his father when he crosses two of his swords. Guido saw a female cat girl who was alike her mother Polly but she has a green headband on her red hair, wears a purple kimono, wears blue sandals and is the same age as Guido Sukashii Cerviche and the two began to talk to each other. Bucky said, "Well Guido is in love." Francine said, "My boy could be a good friend for that girl." Meanwhile in heaven Speedy and Polly sees their son who became a hero. Polly said, "Speedy, our son became a hero." Speedy said, "Well that’s my boy." Joey said, "My nephew is a good boy and he gets the girl." The Cerviche family is now happy that Guido Cerviche became the hero.

The End


Another story takes place in a parallel universe called World T.


This movie takes place in a parallel universe.

Song Moon and the Warrior.

This was inspired by Fan Movie 4.