Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie.  


A mysterious gang comes to Little Tokyo. They want to recruit the Samurai Pizza Cats into their gang. But the mysterious group were known as G.I. Joe (Sunbow series) from another dimension and wants the Samurai Pizza Cats help to stop Cobra Commander the leader of Cobra and his teammates (Sunbow series) who teams up with Seymour Cheese who wants to take over both worlds. Can they stop them before it’s too late?

Samurai Pizza Cats (Samurai Pizza Cats meets G.I. Joe)Edit

At the Pizza Cats Restaurant, Speedy is watching his favorite T.V. show called G.I. Joe. Polly asked, "Speedy what are you watching?" Speedy said, "G.I. Joe." Guido said, "Why do you watch this show?" Speedy said, "Because it has human soldiers on Earth and it has my favorite American hero characters like Duke, Flint, Shipwreck, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Wild Bill, Scarlet, Steeler, Doc, Mutt and Junkyard, and Breaker." Guido says, "Actors play as your favorite characters in your favorite T.V. show." Francine comes in and says, "Hey Speedy I want you to deliver this pizza to my boyfriend Bucky. Okay." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy left the restaurant to deliver the pizza to Francine's boyfriend Bucky. Meanwhile in another universe of the Sunbow Series full of humans, Tomax and Xamot are stealing the money from the bank so they could put them in the truck and leave. Tomax said, "We got the money." Xamot said, "Let’s get out of here Major Bludd." Major Bludd starts the vehicle and said, "Okay let’s get out of here." Major Bludd yells, "COBRA!!!" So Major Bludd, Tomax and Xamot left the bank with the money. But the G.I. Joe starts chasing them. Flint said, "Okay troops let’s stop Cobra from getting away with the stolen money." The G.I. Joe yells, "GO JOES!!!" Major Bludd contacts Cobra Commander on the boat and said, "Cobra Commander we were being chase by the G.I. Joes." Cobra Commander yells, "WHAT!!!" Major Bludd said, "Yes we were being chase and we need back up." Cobra Commander said, "Okay." Cobra Commander approaches to Storm Shadow and Night Creeper Leader and said, "You two need to help them transport the money safely. So bring my soldiers to stop Flint and his team from foiling my plan." Storm Shadow and Night Creeper Leader said, "Yes sir." Storm Shadow and Night Creeper Leader brings Cobra soldiers to stop Flint and his team. Meanwhile at downtown, Flint and his team are chasing Major Bludd's truck. Spirit said, "Look there is Storm Shadow and Cobra." Flint said, "Okay Wild Bill uses your helicopter and chase it so we could buy more time. Wild Bill said, "Okay Flint you got it." Wild Bill chases Storm Shadow and Cobra on a helicopter and shooting it. Flint said, "Alright Lady Jaye pops the wheel." Lady Jaye said, "Right Flint." Lady Jaye throws a spear and pops the wheel thus foiling Cobra's plan. Major Bludd, Tomax and Xamot got out of the vehicle and runs for the hills. Major Bludd calls Cobra Commander and said, "Cobra Commander our bank heist has been foiled by Flint and his team." Cobra Commander yells, NOOOOOO!!! COBRA! RETREAT! RETREAT! RETREAT!!!" Cobra Commander and his team got away. Flint said, "Good work Joes we made a pretty good team and stop Cobra from getting the money." After G.I. Joe returned the money to the bank, the bank owner said, "Thank you for stopping Cobra from robbing the bank G.I. Joe." Flint said, "Well all in a day’s work my friend." The team and the banker laughed and had a good day. Meanwhile at Cobra Commander's Mountain Base, Cobra was angry and tired of being defeated by G.I Joe. Cobra Commander yells, "THIS SO VERY UNFAIR!!!!" Cobra Commander said, "We were always defeated by G.I. Joe and you fools can't get it right. We always get defeated like this and this and even that." Cobra Commander talks to the Baroness, "Baroness we need to find an idea to get rid of the Joes and rule the world." Baroness said, "Why not we talk to Destro at his lab." Cobra Commander said, "Great Idea." Cobra Commander and the Baroness went into Destro's Lab where the other Cobra soldiers are watching Desto's new invention. Cobra Commander said, "What is your invention Destro." Destro said, "I will show it to all of you right now. Behold my Universal Dimension Transporter X299." Cobra Commander said, "What will it do?" Destro said, "Well it could transport any living thing in the dimension of the universe." Major Bludd said, "How does it work?" Destro said, "Well you type the dimension and the screen shows the picture of the universe living in the dimension." Scrap Iron said, "How does it work?" Destro said, "Well you can press send or retrieve in one of these settings. If you press retrieve then you get any person or people from the dimension." Tomax said, "How do you send it back?" Destro said, "You send it back with the send back button which sends the person or people back to their home dimension." Xamot said, "What happens if you press the send button?" Destro said, "Then if you press the send button it will send you or us to the dimension." Storm Shadow said, "How do you get back to our home dimension?" Destro said, "With this device called the Portable Universal Dimension Transporter X299 which sends us to the dimension and back to our home dimension." Destro is about to begin to type in 45OPEKT and the screen shows the dimension place and press the retrieve button. Destro said, "Yes it is working." Cobra said, "What is working?" Destro said, "The machine is retrieving the person from the dimension of the universe." The machine retrieved Dale Gribble (from King of the Hill universe) right there in front of Cobra. Dale Gribble said, "Hey who are you?" Cobra Commander said, "This guy is worthless. Send him back you fool." Destro said, "Okay." Destro press the send back button and sends Dale Gribble back to his home dimension. At Arlen Texas Hank Hill said, "Yep!" Bill Doetree said, "Yep!" Boomhaur said, "Hmmmm." Dale teleports right next to Hank. Hank Hill said, "God Dang it Dale! Now where have you been?" Dale said, "I don't know?" Meanwhile, back at the G.I. Joe H.Q. Duke said, "There is something strange going on there?" Shipwreck said, "I don't know but there is something smells fishy to me." Scarlet comes in and yelled "Hey Guys!!! Doc found something on the Radar!" Duke and the other G.I. Joe members went to see Doc. Doc said, "The radar shows that the source was located at Cobra Commander's Mountain Base." Flint said, "Do you think Cobra was behind this Duke." Duke said, "I don't know but we have to stop Cobra from what they were up too. Let’s go." Meanwhile back at Cobra Commander's Mountain Base, Destro got Dr. Wily (from Mega Man) into the G.I. Joe Universe (Sunbow) after typing TTTPOP7. Cobra Commander said, "I found out you have powerful creations so what do you want to do?" Dr. Wily said, "I want to take over the world and we will work together to destroy Mega Man." Cobra Commander said, "What is Mega Man?" Dr. Wily said, "A super fighting robot created by Dr. Light." Cobra Commander yelled, "WHAT!!!" Destro said, "Mega Man is a very strong robot." Cobra Commander got angry and said, "Send that stupid scientist back to his home dimension." Destro said, "Okay." Destro press the send back button and send Dr. Wily back to his home dimension. Cobra Commander said, "This is the sixth idiot we brought into our dimension." The Baroness crossed out Dr. Wily in the list along with the crossed out Mojo Jojo (from the Powerpuff Girls), crossed out King Dedede (from Kirby), crossed out Anti-Cosmo (from the Fairly Odd Parents), crossed out the Monarch (from the Venture Bros.), and the crossed out Plankton (from Spongebob Squarepants). Cobra Commander said, "This is hard finding the most evil villain. Where do I have to find the most evil villain from another dimension?" Destro types in 59090SP and shows the dimension on the screen and found the most powerful villain from the dimension name the Big Cheese. Destro said, "Cobra Commander I found the most powerful villain in Little Tokyo from another dimension." Cobra Commander sees the picture of Seymour Cheese and decided to take Cobra to that dimension. After the arrival of G.I. Joe the alarm went off. The Baroness said, "Cobra Commander, look G.I. Joe is at the base already." Cobra Commander said, "What?" The whole Cobra team got onto the transporter and got the portable transporter. Cobra Commander said, "Let’s get out of here Cobra and follow my orders." All of Cobra yells, "COBRA!!!" The teleporter sends all of Cobra members into the other dimension. The G.I. Joe got into Destro's Lab and found out that Cobra disappeared. Duke said, "Hey where is Cobra?" Cobra was seen travelling to another dimension and finally made it to that dimension. Jimmy the Cobra Soldier said, "So this is little Tokyo" Mother was driving Junior to the grocery store fast and is about to hit Cobra. Cobra made it out especially for Major Bludd who trips and gets up and got ran over. Junior said, "Mother I think we hit a stranger." Mother said, "I don't know I think they have to look out." Major Bludd gets up and got angry and started to shoot lasers at them. Major Bludd yells, "You will pay for that you Stupid Drivers!! COBRA!!!!" Junior said, "Mother that stranger is firing lasers at us." Mother said, "I don't know maybe they are not friendly." Cobra Commander yells, "Major Bludd Stop WHAT YOUR DOING AND GET OUT OF HERE!!!!" Major Bludd said, "Okay." Cobra ran away from the cops. Later, Speedy delivers the pizza to Bucky. Bucky said, "Thank you Speedy. Here is the money and here is the tip." Speedy said, "Thanks Bucky for the tip." Bucky said, "Speedy don't forget to tell Francine that I want to go to the amusement park with her." Speedy says "Okay." Speedy heads back to the restaurant. Speedy said, "I'm back friends. I got the money from delivering the pizza to Bucky. Oh Francine Bucky wants to go to the amusement park with you. Francine said, "Really that’s great." Meanwhile back at the other dimension. Duke said, "Where did Cobra disappear off to?" Doc found updates and saw the transporter which transport Cobra to another dimension. Back at G.I. Joe H.Q. Doc hacked in to the transporter to his laptop so he could use the laptop to transport the Joes into the other dimension and get them back to their home dimension. Doc transports the Joes into the dimension where the Samurai Pizza Cats live. Meanwhile at Princess Vi's palace, Princess Vi said "I am going watching G.I. Joe so turn on the High Def. T.V. right now." The servant said, "Yes Princess." The servant turned on the T.V. and the Princess is about to watch G.I. Joe. But suddenly the guard talks to Princess Vi that there was a commotion in the streets of Little Tokyo. The guard gives the picture of Major Bludd to Princess Vi. Princess Vi saw Major Bludd and yells, "IT'S MAJOR BLUDD FROM COBRA!!! I WANT COBRA CAPTURED AND BANISHED TO PRISONER ISLAND!!!" Meanwhile back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Polly said, "Cobra was here?" Speedy yelled, "No WAY!!!" Al Dente said, "Yes way. Cobra might have made it to the universe to team up with the Big Cheese so they can both take over our worlds." Guido said, "We better do something quick or were all going to be crushed by Cobra." Suddenly, a masked man comes in and said, "I want your help." Speedy said, "Who are you and show yourself." The masked man unmasks himself and reveals to be Duke and the other G.I. Joe. Speedy was amazed and said, "You are the G.I. Joe. I can't believe it they were here." Flint said, "Okay that is enough Speedy." Lady Jaye said, "We need your help Pizza Cats." Polly said, "Why?" Shipwreck said, "Because Cobra came to your dimension to look for the Big Cheese so they can take both of our worlds." Guido said, "Okay." Meanwhile at Big Cheese's H.Q., Cobra enters Big Cheese's office. Cobra Commander said, "Hello Big Cheese." Big Cheese said, "How did you know my name?" Destro said, "It’s a long story." Cobra Commander said, "Why not we join together to have an alliance." Big Cheese accepted the offer and made a deal. Cobra went back to their home dimension and got the robot blueprints and went back to the dimension to combine the blueprints with Big Cheese's blueprints. Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe and the Samurai Pizza Cats are ready to battle Cobra and Big Cheese. They saw the huge giant robot with stronger and bigger weapons created by Destro and Bad Bird. Bad Bird said, "Well this robot is more powerful than any other useless robots Destro." Destro said, "We are in fact the most powerful and stronger in the world." Duke said, "We need an idea that could destroy the robot thus saving the world." Speedy said, "I have an idea." Speedy and the other pizza cats go to the G.I. Joe universe to get the heavy rocket launcher from G.I. Joe H.Q. and went back to their home universe. Speedy calls the Supreme Catatonic and begins to transform into a robot. Speedy, the Pizza Cats and G.I. Joe are ready and yelled, "GO JOES!!!!" Speedy controls the Supreme Catatonic to use the rocket launcher and his blaster to destroy the robot. Cobra Commander was captured along with the other Cobra members. Big Cheese gets angry and starts to explode. Duke said, "Thank you Pizza Cats for all your help." Speedy said, "Thanks but you all did a good job on it pal." Duke said, "My pleasure pal." The G.I. Joe returns to their home dimension along with the captured Cobra. Meanwhile, at the amusement park Francine and Bucky goes out on a date and starts to have fun. Later, back at the restaurant Speedy and the Pizza Cats are watching G.I. Joe cartoon while they are on break until Francine gets back.

The End


A crossover story.


This movie takes place after the episode "Emperor Fred Does Hard Time."

This is a crossover film.