Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This is season 17 (751-800). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes

Episode 751: Cream Cheese and Petey Atric were getting ready to attack Little Tokyo until Cream saw a figure that looks like his father. Cream heads towards him. Petey follows him. Cream got closed until he sees him. Cream is shocked when he saw his father, but different, the African Pizza Cats appear and they warn him and Petey to get out of there. Blaokanos Big Cheese and Blaokanos Jerry Atric try to attack Cream and Petey, but the African Pizza Cats save them and they retreat. Cream and Petey are very angry and sad and they demand to know what happen to Big Cheese and Jerry Atric. The African Pizza Cats tell them that Big Cheese and Jerry are infected with the Blaokanos virus. The African Pizza Cats tell Cream and Petey that in order to cure Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Dirty Bird, and the others that they'll need to ask the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies for help. Cream and Petey tell the African Pizza Cats that they'll think about it. The African Pizza Cats head back to Africa. Joseph says, "If Cream wants to save his father and the others, he and Petey must team up with the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies."

Episode 752: Part 1. Good Bird's friend, Aruno is going to marry Azul the Cat, the blue female cat. Aruno wants Good Bird to be his Best Man. Later, GB and his family and friends went to Kyoto for the wedding. Speedy, Guido, Bucky, Jacky, Wally, and the Rescue team jealous because Aruno is going to marry a beautiful girl like Azul this cause Polly, Francine, Lucille, and the other girls to hit the boys with a flying pan. Suddenly, the unexpected happen, Aruno's biological grandmother, biological uncle, and biological female cousin appear and all three of them are falcons. Aruno's uncle and cousin were happy to see him and are happy to see him getting married. His grandmother, however, wasn't happy to see him and doesn't want to talk to him. Jing Peng and Carter said, "I never did like that woman." Shirokuma tells GB and Carla that Aruno's grandmother never loved her grandson. She doesn't like him because he's a half breed owl-falcon. GB says, "He has only falcon wings and falcon talons." Shirokuma says, "He resembles his mother not his father." GB says, "That's harsh." Aruno's uncle shows up and he tells GB and Carla that long ago he wanted to take Aruno in when he was born, but his grandmother would have treated him poorly. Carla says, "You did it to protect him." Aruno's uncle tells them that he was glad that Aruno had a great childhood and had a great family. Later, the wedding begins; GB takes his position as the Best Man and standing right next to Aruno. Azul appears wearing a Japanese wedding dress. Suddenly, Dr. Purple shows up with his Ninja Crows and robot and they kidnapped Azul. The bad guys escape with their captive.

Episode 753: Part 2. GB and the others head out to rescue Azul the Cat, the blue female cat. Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, Shirokuma, and Asanuma went with GB and the others. Azul is locked up in a cell. Later, the heroes found Dr. Purple and his gang. The heroes fight the bad guys. Aruno gets really angry that he uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode and his finisher move to defeat Dr. Purple's robot and he rescues Azul. The heroes did their pose. Later, the wedding resumes, Aruno and Azul got married. Aruno's uncle and Aruno's cousin are happy while Aruno's grandmother left the wedding. Aruno says, "It's her lost anyway." Shirokuma gives her newly daughter in law a necklace that was once belong to Aruno's biological mother. Later, Aruno and Azul left for their honeymoon. However, Speedy got tangled up with the ropes at the back of car and he's being drag away at the back of car. Speedy screams while Aruno and Azul didn't hear him. GB, Carla, and the others saw Speedy being drag away at the back of Aruno and Azul's car. GB says, "This is kind of like a tradition, every time there's a wedding Speedy gets drag away from the newlyweds' car for their honeymoon." Carla and the others nodded. Aruno and Azul got married in this story.

Episode 754: The heroes are working at the restaurant and today are Cosplay weekend. All of the heroes get to wear maid waitress outfits. Polly says, "We look so cute wearing these outfits." Carla, Francine, and Aiko agree with her. Speedy, Guido, Good Bird, and Kazuma blushed out of embarrassment because they have to wear the maid waitress outfits. Kazuma asked, "Do we really need to wear women's panties?" GB says, "It was Francine's orders." Meanwhile, the Rude Noise goes to Dr. Purple for employment. Dr. Purple builds them a robot for them to use. Dr. Purple tells them it's a prototype, however, the Rude Noise didn't listen to him and they take the robot out to attack Little Tokyo. Later, the Rude Noise pilots the robot and attack the city. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes. The heroes head out to stop this threat. The heroes battle the Rude Noise's new robot. During the battle, the robot is tough. Speedy and GB summon the Supreme Catatonic, Goonie Birds, and Good Bird's Armor of Worc. The heroes put on their armors. All of the heroes use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to defeat the Rude Noise's new robot. The bad guys went flying. All of the heroes did their pose. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple heard that the Rude Noise failed and he says, "I told them the robot was just a prototype, serves them right!" Later, the heroes went back to work and they have to wear the maid waitress outfits while working since Cosplay weekend isn't over. Speedy says, "You know what wearing skirts and wearing women's panties are kind of comfortable. Guido, GB, and Kazuma admit that they agree with Speedy. Polly, Carla, Francine, and Aiko said, "We all look cute in these outfits." Speedy and the others agree with the girls. Meanwhile, Blaokanos Dragon Monster disappeared and the masked person yells, "Not good!"

Episode 755: Speedy, Polly, Guido, GB, Carla, and Francine take Aiko and Kazuma to the mountains for weekend training. They teach them different fighting styles that they learned from their masters, the Chinese Masters. During the training the Blaokanos Dragon Monster appears and they attack the heroes. During the fight, GB recognizes the monster and he saw his father, Dirty Bird. GB is shocked and he stops fighting causing the Blaokanos Dragon Monster to injure GB. Carla yells, "BIRDIE!!!" The heroes use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and they injured the monster. Just when they were going to finish off the monster, a smoke bomb appears and creates a smoke screen. After the smoke cleared up, the monster is gone. Speedy and the others check on GB to see if he's okay. GB tells everyone that the monster is his father. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Meanwhile, the masked person got the Blaokanos Dragon Monster and takes the monster back home. Later, GB got a letter from the African Pizza Cats. The African Pizza Cats tell GB that his father can be save and they got a cure that will turn him back to normal and will revive him from the Blaokanos virus. They also tell him that the leader of the Dragon Clan is also part of the Blaokanos Dragon Monster and he needs to be saving also. The heroes are surprised when they read the letter. Meanwhile, the African Pizza Cats finally got a list of all of Drake Slasher's associates that are working for him. Joseph says, "Now we got to know what their master plan is so we can get the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies to help us." Selenta and Guelloke nodded.

Episode 756: The heroes are working at the restaurant. Meanwhile at Kyoto, Guido Sukashii and Birdy are looking through the photo album book and they see Aruno with a falcon. Shirokuma says, "That's not Aruno in that picture. It's his mother." Guido and Birdy look at the picture again. Shirokuma says, "That falcon is Aruno's father. Aruno looks a lot like his mother than his father." Shirokuma tells the boys that Aruno's parents died when he was born and she adopted Aruno when he was born. She also tells them that Aruno's uncle couldn't take him in because Aruno's grandmother was a horrible person and he doesn't want her to hurt Aruno. Aruno lived a happy childhood with Shirokuma. Aruno have always regards Shirokuma as a real mother. Shirokuma tells the boys to play with her other son, Asanuma which they did.

Episode 757: This episode takes place after the episode "Emperor Fred Does Hard Time." Aiko is looking though her family photo album book and she see her mother and Lucille as singers. (Flashback) Polly and Lucille enter a band contest as the Pointless Sisters. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese decides to enter the band contest also. The Big Cheese and two Ninja Crows dress up as girls and they wear dresses and makeup and they formed a pretty girl rock band. (Check the Cross-dressing scenes) Jerry Atric and Bad Bird decide not to get involved in this scheme because they know the Big Cheese is going to lose. Later, the band contest began. The Pointless Sisters and the pretty girl rock band perform and made it to the top five. The judges tell the five bands that they must show off their dance moves while singing. The first band tries to dance but caused them to accidentally fall of stage. The second band tries only to fail miserably. The third band dance and they made it to the next round. The pretty girl rock band try and they made it to the next round. The Pointless Sisters were up next. The Big Cheese tries to sabotage them, but failed when Lucille unintentionally launches her homing missiles at him causing him to be in pain. The Pointless Sisters made it to the next round. The next round would be a battle royale and the last band left standing will win. The Pointless Sisters, the pretty girl rock band, and the other band begin the battle royale by singing and fighting. The Pointless Sisters and the pretty girl rock band took each other out causing the other band to win. Later, the Big Cheese (still wearing his pretty girl rock band outfit) literally explodes in anger. The two Ninja Crows (still wearing their pretty girl rock band outfits) manage to avoid explosion. The two Ninja Crows feel pretty and cute wearing these outfits. Meanwhile, Jerry and Bad Bird heard that the Big Cheese lost. Jerry and Bad Bird said, "We knew it." Later, the Pointless Sisters congratulate the other band for winning the contest and they head home. (Flashback Ends) Aiko looks at the picture of the Pointless Sisters, the pretty girl rock band, and the other band sing at the band contest. Meanwhile, two Ninja Crows are working for Dr. Purple. Later, the two Ninja Crows wear their pretty girl rock band outfits and they perform at the auditorium.

Episode 758: Aiko gets frustrated because she can't perform some on her mother's moves, the scratch attacks and the ninja heart star attacks. Later, Guido is almost home until a robot appears. The robot throws a cast net on Guido and the robot kidnaps Guido and carries him away. Later, Speedy finds Aiko and he asked her what she's doing. Aiko tells her that she trying to perform her mother's moves, but can't do it because it's hard. Speedy was about to lecture her until the robot appears with Guido tied up and gagged. The robot tells Speedy to meet him at the countryside tonight or he'll harm the boy. The robot leaves with Guido. Speedy calls for help. Aiko begins to feel guilty. Aiko ran off to rescue Guido. Speedy yells, "Stop Aiko, wait for the others!" Aiko yells, "Daddy!" Aiko ran off. Speedy yells, "AIKO!!!" Later, Guido is tied up to a pole. A female crow appears. The female crow reveals to be Asami, daughter of Brother Two of the Quadruplet brothers. Asami tells Guido that she wants revenge on Speedy and the others for killing her father and her uncles. Guido doesn't take her seriously and treats her like a child. Aiko shows up and she demands Asami to let Guido go. Asami orders her robot to kill Aiko. Suddenly, Speedy and the others show up and they fight the robot. Aiko confronts Asami. Aiko yells, "Let Guido go or else!" Asami takes out a gun to shoot her, but Aiko disarms her with a ninja heart star and Aiko uses scratch attacks on Asami. Aiko defeats Asami. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others use their finisher moves to destroy the robot. Aiko unties Guido. Later, Asami is sent to a juvenile hall. Speedy saw Asami wearing an earring that matches the earring he found a jewelry store that was robbed awhile back. The earring has a red diamond shaped with a number 3. Speedy wonders if Asami is connected to this unknown group. The next day, Aiko is punished for disobeying her father's orders. Aiko has to stay in her room without TV for a day. Aiko feels that she deserved it. Guido checks on her to see if she's okay and Aiko tells him that she's fine.

Episode 759: Drake Slasher is working and he gets a flashback. (Flashback 2 years ago) Drake talks to Pride and Hawk Wrath of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Pride tells Drake if anything happens to him and the Seven Deadly Warriors, Drake needs to continue their work of changing the world. Pride and Hawk gave Drake tons of money for the Blaokanos Virus funding. Pride asked Drake not to use the Blaokanos Virus on them if their killed. Drake understood and he promise not to because he respects the Seven Deadly Warriors. (Flashback Ends) Drake continues working. Drake says, "Today is the anniversary where you and Wrath gave me the money to help me. I will change the world and your deaths will not be in vain."

Episode 760: Princess Vi enters a show called, Undercover Boss. She disguised herself as a palace servant. She noticed that the palace servant job is fun while the other servants feel miserable because Princess Vi ordered them to paint the walls that match her dress. Later, Princess Vi disguised herself as one of the palace chefs. Princess Vi caused a fire at the kitchen. Later, Princess Vi disguised herself as one of Al's palace guards. Al tells her to watch out for intruders. Later, Princess Vi sleeps on the job. The intruder breaks into the palace and steals some of the palace's money. Later, Princess Vi wakes up and she doesn't notice that the money got stolen. Later, Princess Vi reveals to everyone that she took part of the show, Undercover Boss. She tells them that she had a great time. However, the people feel miserable because Princess Vi made their work a lot harder and Princess Vi decides not improve anything because she thinks nothing needs to be change. Al and the others feel miserable because of this.

Episode 761: Today, Princess Vi is getting ready to become Empress Vi. Everyone in Little Tokyo is getting ready for the coronation. Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird head out to stop Dr. Purple and his gang. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma head to the palace, due to the fact that Princess Vi invited them to come. Later, Princess Vi is angry that the Samurai Pizza Cats are not here for the coronation. Aiko and Kazuma panic and they come up with an idea. Aiko and Kazuma tell the Princess that it's a good thing that the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies are going to miss the coronation, because the people of Little Tokyo will pay more attention to the Samurai Pizza Cats than Princess Vi's coronation. Princess Vi says, "You two are right! If I bring those Pizza Cats and their friends then everyone will pay attention to them instead of me! How come I never thought of that?" Aiko and Kazuma laugh nervously and their sweat drop appears. Aiko and Kazuma asked, "Do you want us to answer your question?" Later, Speedy and the others defeat Dr. Purple and his gang. The heroes did their pose and head home. Meanwhile, Princess Vi becomes Empress Vi. Aiko, Kazuma, and everyone bow to the new Empress of Little Tokyo. Later, Speedy and the others realize that they forgot about the coronation. When they got to the palace, the coronation is over. Aiko and Kazuma tell them that Princess Vi is now Empress Vi and they also tell them if they show up they would have gotten more attention than her. Later, Speedy and the others head home. This episode Princess Vi becomes Empress Vi.

Episode 762: Part 1. Empress Vi hears about children disappearing from Little Tokyo and she is afraid her daughter will disappear as well. Later, Al Dente asked Aiko and Kazuma to watch Fredia Tokugawa while Speedy and the others find the missing children. Later, Aiko and Kazuma head to the palace. Empress Vi is happy to see Aiko and Kazuma and she gives them a hug. Later, Aiko and Kazuma stay at the guest rooms. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others continue their search for the missing children, but found nothing until Speedy found a clue. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma saw an unknown intruder. Aiko and Kazuma try to fight the unknown intruder, but the unknown intruder escape. Later, the unknown intruder reports to Drake Slasher that he failed to get Fredia Tokugawa. Drake orders him to continue to kidnap the children of Little Tokyo.

Episode 763: Part 2. Speedy and the others continue searching for the children. Meanwhile, Empress Vi wants Aiko and Kazuma to go undercover to find out who the unknown intruder is. Later, Empress Vi made Aiko dress up as a boy by wearing a lab coat and glasses to look like a scientist. Empress Vi sends Aiko wearing a disguise to the docks and waits for the unknown intruder. Kazuma was under Aiko so they both can wait for the intruder. The unknown intruder arrived to talk to the scientist that they kidnap the child but Aiko and Kazuma surprised attack him and captured him and brought the unknown intruder to Empress Vi. The children are rescued and the mysterious intruder is banished to Prisoner Island. Later, Drake kills the intruder, because not only he failed, but Drake thinks the intruder told them about his operation, but the intruder did really tell them. Later, Speedy and the others try to figure out where the other missing children were. Meanwhile, some of the children that were kidnapped were turn into Blaokanos foot soldiers.

Episode 764: Part 3. Drake Slasher sends out a few of his Blaokanos creatures to kidnap twenty children in Little Tokyo. Later, Blaokanos creatures kidnapped ten children in one night. The next day, Al Dente wonders about this. Meanwhile, Empress Vi isn't pleased to hear about the children being kidnapped. Later that night, two Blaokanos creatures see two children. One child is a girl wearing a yellow kimono while one child is a boy wearing his male kimono outfit. The two Blaokanos creatures sneak in the house. The two Blaokanos creatures get ready to grab the two children until the two children grab them and throw them across the hallway. The boy reveals to be Aiko while the girl reveals to be Kazuma. Aiko and Kazuma disguised themselves to set a trap for them. The two Blaokanos creatures fought Aiko and Kazuma. Aiko and Kazuma are fighting while wearing their disguises. Aiko and Kazuma defeat the two Blaokanos creatures. Aiko and Kazuma did their pose while wearing the disguises. Later, Aiko and Kazuma tied them up and they begin to interrogate them, but the two Blaokanos creatures said, "We're not talking!" Aiko and Kazuma call Al about this and he tells them to use Polly to interrogate them. Later, Polly interrogates them her way and the two Blaokanos creatures tell her that they’re here to kidnap twenty children in Little Tokyo and that's it. Meanwhile, two other Blaokanos creatures kidnapped ten children and they left. Meanwhile, Drake is happy that he got twenty children and he now has fifty children as Blaokanos foot soldiers. Meanwhile, Polly demands to know where the kidnapped children are at, but the two Blaokanos creatures got so scared of Polly that they fainted. Polly gets angry. Later, Aiko and Kazuma are still wearing their disguises and they have a bad feeling something terrible is going to happen.

Episode 765: Empress Vi checks on her parents to see what they’re doing. The former Empress Fredia is having a great time at her yacht and Emperor Fred accompanied her. Later, Empress Vi checks on her daughter, Princess Fredia. Princess Fredia tells her mother that she's fine. Later, Empress Vi thinks about her days as a princess and now that she's the Empress of Little Tokyo. Later, the heroes try to figure out who took the missing children. Later, Al hires Captain Dragonfire Catton to find them. Later, the African Pizza Cats sends a message to Captain Dragonfire Catton to go the southern part of Africa because that's where the children are at. Captain Dragonfire Catton got the message and he says, "I got the message and we'll be ready for a rescue mission in about 1000 hours."

Episode 766: Captain Dragonfire Catton sends the tank robot and 8 soldiers to find the missing children that were located in the southern part of Africa. The tank robot found the African Pizza Cats. The African Pizza Cats gave the soldiers cures to cure the ones who were infected with the Blaokanos Virus. The 8 soldiers found the Blaokanos foot soldiers and started to kill all 50 of them. After all 50 Blaokanos foot soldiers were killed with a tank robot the 8 soldiers injects all 50 children with a cure and revived all 50 children and sends all the children back to Japan with their families. The Tank robot takes all 50 children back to Japan. The 8 soldiers encountered the Blaokanos Koga. The 7 soldiers were killed but the last soldier killed the Blaokanos Koga and revives him with a cure and takes him home to Japan. All of the children went back to Japan and Koga and the last soldier returned to Japan also.

Episode 767: Crossover with Metroid. The Mother Brain and Ridley came to the Samurai Pizza Cats world by using the Interdimensional Portal Generator to take over this dimension. But Samus Aran follows them to this dimension and seeks the Samurai Pizza Cats help. The Samurai Pizza Cats and the heroes along with Samus Aran fights Ridley and the Mother Brain to stop this conquest. During the journey, Samus gets along well with Good Bird and his family because Samus was raised by her foster father, Old Bird, and her DNA is infused her with Chozo blood (Bird-like alien race). The Samurai Pizza Angels use their finisher moves to destroy the Metroids. The Samurai Pizza Warriors use their finisher moves to destroy Ridley. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird and Samus Aran combined their powers to destroy the Mother Brain and her ship especially the Interdimensional Portal Generator. The heroes did their pose. Samus Aran thanks the Samurai Pizza Cats and used the generator to come back to her own dimension. The Samurai Pizza Cats and their friends are now playing Metroid on the Wii.

Episode 768: Aiko see a martial arts tournament for kids. Aiko wants to sign in until a boy and a register clerk tell her that the martial arts tournament is for boys not girls. Aiko asked, "Why?" The boy says, "Because girls can't fight and the register clerk is my dad." Aiko gets angry and she was about to hit him until Kazuma stops her and Kazuma tells Aiko that he has an idea. Later, Kazuma gives Aiko some clothes and Kazuma disguised Aiko as a boy named Andrew. Later, Aiko was able to enter the tournament and the disguised works. Kazuma became Aiko's coach. Kazuma tells Aiko to keep the disguised and not to reveal herself while being in the tournament. The martial arts tournament begins. Aiko fought so many opponents until she made it to the finals. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others fight off Roland Crow and his Ninja Crows. Later, Aiko fights the boy who made sexist remarks to her earlier. Aiko defeats the boy with ease and won the tournament. Later, Aiko gets the prize money until the boy grabs her cap causing her cover to be blown. The boy, the register clerk, and the other contestants were shocked that the winner of the tournament is a girl. The boy and the register clerk wanted Aiko to be disqualified, but the other contestants defend her. Aiko tells the contestants that the boy and the register clerk made sexist remarks to her and the other girls. The contestants were not aware of this and they got together and they chased the boy and the register clerk out of town. Later, the martial arts tournament announcer apologizes to Aiko for the register clerk's behavior and he and his coworkers will undo the damage for what the register clerk and his son did. Aiko and Kazuma collect the prize money and left. Later, Speedy and the others defeat Roland and his gang. Later, Aiko and Kazuma split the money 50/50.

Episode 769: This episode takes place after the episode "Quake Rattle and Roll." Speedy is looking though his family photo album book. (Flashback) Guru gives Speedy a device that can hypnotize anyone. Later, the Big Cheese and his gang want to try out their new robot. Later, the Big Cheese orders Bad Bird to test out the robot's capabilities. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes about this and he tells them to stop this. Speedy decides to take the device with him. Later, the robot attacks the city and the test results were excellent until the Samurai Pizza Cats show up. During the fight, Speedy uses the device on Bad Bird. However, the robot interrupted Speedy while he was hypnotizing Bad Bird. The robot picks up Bad Bird and the bad guys retreated. Later, the Ninja Crows saw Bad Bird in a trance and they can't snap him out of it. Later, the Ninja Crows put Bad Bird to bed in hopes he'll feel better the next day. The next day, the Rude Noise show up to ask the Big Cheese to take part of the next evil scheme until they saw a female crow walking by. The female crow is wearing a sailor school girl outfit with the mini-skirt and the white panty briefs. The female crow turns around and reveals to be Bad Bird. The Rude Noise is shocked. Bad Bird looks at Bad Max (Crow Magnon). Bad Bird flirts at Bad Max. Bad Bird says, "Take off your shirt." Bad Max scream, "NOOO!" Bad Bird says, "You’re so hard to get." Bad Bird jumps on top on Bad Max and Bad Max hits the floor. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Ninja Crows, and the robot hear someone screaming. Bad Bird tries to take Bad Max's shirt off while Bad Max screams in horror. Bad Bird kisses Bad Max. Later, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Ninja Crows, and the robot show up and they see Bad Bird and Bad Max on the floor and they see Bad Bird wearing a sailor school girl outfit. Bad Bird turns around and he says (in a feminine way), "Hi." Jerry and the others are shocked while the Big Cheese smiles and blushes. The Big Cheese says, "Bad Bird and Bad Max are in love, how romantic!" Later, Bad Bird dress up in different girl outfits while Bad Max tries to hide from Bad Bird. Jerry and the others find it disturbing while the Big Cheese finds it beautiful. Later, Jerry asked the Ninja Crows of what happen to Bad Bird. The Ninja Crows tell him that everything was okay until their last fight with the Pizza Cats. Jerry orders the robot to attack the city in order to get the Pizza Cats. Later, the robot attacks the city and the Pizza Cats show up. Jerry orders the robot to grab one of the Pizza Cats because he wants to talk to one of them. During the fight, the Ninja Crows fight Polly and Guido while the robot fights Speedy. The robot barely grabs Speedy and he takes him to Jerry. Jerry interrogated Speedy and Speedy tells him that he used a device on Bad Bird. Jerry gets real angry that he hits Speedy with his walking stick. Jerry demands Speedy to fix this now or he'll use the device on him. Later, Speedy tries to find Bad Bird, but no luck. Jerry decides to use Bad Max as bait. Later, Bad Bird shows up, wearing a blue shirt, blue mini-skirt, white panty briefs, and lipstick. Bad Bird see Bad Max and just when he was about to jump on Bad Max until a group of Ninja Crows grab Bad Bird and carry Bad Bird over a Ninja Crow's shoulder exposing his panty briefs. Later, the Ninja Crows take Bad Bird to Speedy. Speedy uses the device to make Bad Bird normal again. Bad Bird is back to normal. Bad Bird asked, "Where am I? Why I'm wearing a dress and makeup?" Jerry orders the robot to finish off the Pizza Cats. The robot destroys Speedy's device. Speedy gets angry and he uses his Ginzu sword power to destroy the robot. Later, the Ninja Crows carry Bad Bird back to the Big Cheese's HQ causing Bad Bird's panty briefs to be exposed. Later, the Big Cheese is upset that Bad Bird is back to normal and he literally explodes in anger while Jerry gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, Bad Bird puts on his fighting armor and he wonders what happen. Meanwhile, Guru is upset that the device is destroyed. Speedy tries to explain, but Guru wants to kill him causing Speedy to run away. (Flashback Ends) Speedy decides to burn that picture because if Carla, Kazuma, and Aiko find out what he did to Good Bird long ago, they'll kill him. Later, Speedy gets ready to work until Good Bird shows up wearing a blue shirt, blue mini-skirt, white panty briefs, and lipstick. Speedy is shocked and he fainted. Good Bird wonders why Speedy fainted. Later, Good Bird walks to Ninja Tech Industries. GB says, "Al asked me to go undercover and find any information on Dr. Purple." Later, the Rude Noise show up and they see GB and the outfit he's wearing again. Bad Max screams. Bad Max screams, "He'll kiss me again! Run away!" Bad Max and the rest of the Rude Noise run as fast as they can and they leave town.

Episode 770: Two figures show up at Little Tokyo. Meanwhile, Empress Vi sneaks out of the palace to go to a baseball game. Speedy and the others search for the Empress until the two figures attack the city. Speedy and the others have to postpone their search for the Empress. However, Speedy tells Aiko and Kazuma to search for Empress Vi. The two figures reveal to be bats and they came to Little Tokyo to get revenge on the Samurai Pizza Cats for defeating the Ninja Bat Clan. The two bats fight the Samurai Pizza Cats, but the Samurai Pizza Cats overwhelm them and defeated the two bats. The two bats are out cold. Speedy saw the two bats wearing earrings. One bat is wearing a red J earring while the other bat is wearing a black J earring. Speedy wonders if these two bats have a connection with Asami. Later, Al Dente tells the heroes that he'll send the two bats to an isolated prison that Empress Vi doesn't know about. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma found Empress Vi at the baseball game and they decide to join her and they have a great time.

Episode 771: Drake Slasher notice that the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies are getting stronger and he decides to even the odds. Later, Drake Slasher uses his Blaokanos creatures to kill the Rescue team. The Rescue team manages to fight off against the Blaokanos creatures causing the Blaokanos creatures to retreat. Drake reveals himself to the Rescue team. General Catton is shocked and angry to see his former teammate. General Catton tries to fight him, but Drake proven to be too powerful for him. Drake was about to kill General Catton until Koga sacrifice himself to save General Catton. Drake stabs Koga a few times before Drake and his Blaokanos creatures retreated. General Catton and the others try to treat Koga's wounds, but the wounds are fatal. Koga says, "I'm proud to be a member of your team General Catton. The only regret I have is never got a chance to find a girl, get married, and have a family." Koga dies. The Rescue team mourned for their family and teammate. Two days later, Koga gets a proper funeral. Speedy and the others attended the funeral. Speedy and the others give their respect to Koga. Later, Koga's tombstone says, "Koga, a crow, a hero, and a member of the Rescue team." Meanwhile, Drake smiles that the Rescue team lost their member. Drake says, "I took Speedy's father now I took their member of the Rescue team."

Episode 772: The Rescue team is still grieving over the loss of Koga. Meanwhile, the heroes begin to track down Koga's killer, Drake Slasher. However, the heroes have no idea where Drake is. Meanwhile, Drake captures Dr. Purple's inventions and steals his blueprints and head back to the southern part of Africa. Drake begins to look at the blueprints and he smiles. Drake says, "With this, the world will change!" Drake orders his men to create a weapon that is based on the blueprints he stole. The bad guys begin to create a weapon. Meanwhile, the African Pizza Cats decide that the time has come to stop Drake Slasher, his gang, and his Blaokanos Virus. However, they need the Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, Samurai Pizza Angels, Samurai Pizza Warriors, the New York Pizza Cats, Samurai British Cats, Rescue team, Petey Atric, and Cream Cheese to help them out because Drake Slasher has an army of Blaokanos creatures.

Episode 773: Petey Atric and Cream Cheese search for the Samurai Pizza Cats. Later, they saw the Samurai Pizza Cats fight Roland Crow and his gang. Petey and Cream hide and they watch the heroes fight the bad guys. The Samurai Pizza Cats defeat Roland and his gang. The heroes were about to return home until Petey and Cream show up. Petey and Cream tell them about the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric turned into Blaokanos creatures and they want rescue them. Speedy and the others agree to help them because they want to go after Drake Slasher. Cream says, "Once I get my papa back, we'll be enemies again." Speedy says, "As long as we get Drake Slasher, it doesn't matter what happens." Polly and the others nodded. Meanwhile, Drake and his gang have finished building a weapon. Drake says, "Very soon, the world will change."

Episode 774: Drake Slasher creates a Blaokanos creature. Dr. Willioke asked, "What are you going to do with this creature?" Drake says, "Unleash it on France." Meanwhile, the African Pizza Cats visit the Samurai Pizza Cats at the restaurant. The African Pizza Cats tell the Samurai Pizza Cats that Drake Slasher is at Africa and they need their help to stop him. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, Aiko, Kazuma, the Samurai Pizza Angels, Samurai Pizza Warriors, the New York Pizza Cats, Samurai British Cats, Rescue team, Petey Atric, and Cream Cheese got together. Everyone got on the plane and they head to Africa. During the flight, the heroes are getting prepare for the upcoming battle. Suddenly, Selenta tells Joseph that there is an attack at France. Later, Joseph tells the heroes about the attack and he needs someone to go to France to handle this. Aiko and Kazuma volunteer. Speedy and Good Bird ask the Samurai British Cats to accompany and keep them safe or else they'll have to answer to Polly and Carla. Aiko, Kazuma, and the Samurai British Cats are drop off at the countryside of France. Meanwhile, Drake and his group get ready for battle. Dr. Willioke tells Drake that Aiko, Kazuma, and the Samurai British Cats are at France. Drake says, "Good. I made this Blaokanos creature just for those kids. The Blaokanos creature is a beast."

Episode 775: Aiko, Kazuma, and the Samurai British Cats check into an inn. Meanwhile, the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies almost made it to Africa. The African Pizza Cats tells the heroes that they'll be in Africa on about one hour. The French Pizza Cats are fighting the Blaokanos creature and saw the Samurai British Cats, Aiko and Kazuma and asked them for help. They agreed and helped the French Pizza Cats destroy the Blaokanos creature. The French Pizza Cats, Aiko, Kazuma and the Samurai British Cats got on the plane to go to Africa to help the heroes fight Drake Slasher. Later, the heroes made it to Africa. Cream and Petey tell Speedy that when they get Seymour, Jerry, and the Ninja Crows back, they'll be enemies once again. Speedy yells, "Fine!" The African Pizza Cats take the heroes to the African Pizza Cats' HQ to come up with a plan to stop Drake Slasher. Meanwhile, the French Pizza Cats, Aiko, Kazuma and the Samurai British Cats made it to Africa until their surrounded by Blaokanos creature. The French Pizza Cats, Aiko, Kazuma, and the Samurai British Cats fight the Blaokanos creature. Meanwhile, Drake watches Aiko and the others fight the Blaokanos creature. Drake says, "This will keep them busy for a while. If those two children help Speedy and the others it would cause us trouble." Dr. Willioke asked, "Are you sure those two kids will be of a problem? Sir, don't underestimate the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies. Remember they defeated the Seven Deadly Warriors." Drake says, "You think Speedy and the others can defeat me and the Blaokanos creature, their weak." Drake looks at the masked person. Drake says, "When you see Speedy, kill him." The masked person nodded. Dr. Willioke says, "I got a feeling that Drake is going to underestimate his adversaries again, like he did with Speedy's father, Flash Cerviche."

Episode 776: Captain Dragonfire Catton helps the French Pizza Cats, Aiko, Kazuma and the Samurai British Cats defeat the Blaokanos creature by using his soldiers and a Tank robot to assist them. The French Pizza Cats, Aiko, Kazuma and the Samurai British Cats made it to the African Pizza Cats H.Q. to help the heroes defeat Drake Slasher. Captain Dragonfire Catton wants to help the heroes try to defeat Drake Slasher and foil his plans to spread the Blaokanos Virus across the globe.

Episode 777: Drake Slasher orders his army of Blaokanos creature to fight the heroes. Drake orders the masked person to kill Speedy. Later, the heroes head to Drake's HQ for the fight to save the world. The heroes fight against the Blaokanos creature. During the fight, the masked person appears and he fights Speedy in a one-on-one fight. Meanwhile, Cream Cheese fights Blaokanos Seymour Big Cheese. Blaokanos Big Cheese is strong. Petey Atric fights Blaokanos Jerry Atric. Good Bird, Polly, and Guido fight Blaokanos Dragon Monster. Good Bird yells, "This time I'm going to defeat you and turn you back to normal papa." Meanwhile, Speedy fights the masked person and the masked person reveals himself to be Flash Cerviche who was in mind control of Drake Slasher. Aiko and Kazuma fight two brand new Blaokanos creatures that are part Blaokanos and part robot. Drake says, "These two new creatures I used some of Dr. Purple's blueprints. Dr. Purple is a genius. Too bad he isn't here to hear that. (Evil Laugh)" While the heroes fight, Drake orders Dr. Willioke to get the weapon ready to spread the Blaokanos Virus across the globe. Drake takes out a weapon that he stole from Dr. Purple's lab and he joins the fight. Each of the heroes are facing an adversary and who will win this fight and could the heroes save the world from the Blaokanos Virus?

Episode 778: Captain Dragonfire Catton helps Speedy Cerviche release Flash Cerviche from his mind control device. Flash Cerviche and Speedy works together to defeat the weapon and end the spread of the Blaokanos Virus and saves the world. Drake Slasher transforms into the Blaokanos Drake Slasher. The heroes defeated the Blaokanos creatures with the help of Dr. Purple who turned good, Good Bird 2 (not Bad Bird 2 anymore) and the rest of the Ninja Crow Clan who were not evil anymore. Then Aiko and Kazuma defeated the Blaokanos robot. The heroes activated Spiritual Hyper Modes and kills Drake Slasher thus saving the world. Dirty Bird and the leader of the Dragon Clan are now cured. Dirty Bird now became allies of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Petey Atric and Seymour Cream Cheese were now arrested and thrown to jail for 20 years. Dicentlex is now finished forever. All evil around the world is no more. Or is it?

Episode 779: Few years later after the defeat of Drake Slasher. Speedy and Polly Cerviche has 4 year old twin boys named Speedy Cerviche Jr. and Ty Cerviche who were now samurai warriors. Aiko is 8 and half years old and Kazuma is 10 years old, they're in school and they started to help people when they’re not at school. Aiko is wearing her mother's pizza uniform; however, she's not wearing a helmet. Kazuma look a lot like his father when he was a child. Francine and Bucky raised their children to become samurai warriors. Guido and Lucille raised their children to become samurai warriors. Guido and Lucille has 3 triplets (two cats and one sheep) 4 and a half years old and became samurai warriors and their twins are six and a half years old and their samurai warriors. Good Bird and Carla Crow has 4 year old twin girls named Callie and Amy. The Rescue Team retired and has their children became the new Rescue Team. Flash Cerviche retired of being a samurai and went to the retirement home. The New York Pizza Cats has children and became heroes. Guido Cerviche and Birdy are five years old and they became heroes just like Speedy and Good Bird. However, Guido Cerviche and Birdy have a rivalry just like their fathers. Dr. Purple and his Ninja Crow army started to be good guys and assist the world to maintain balance. Jet Cat and Otama fell in love. Wally married a sheep named Tina and has a child. Jacky married a deer named Fawny and had a child. Al Dente made his children into palace guards to Empress Vi. The whole world was now at peace and prosperity until a mysterious group comes to Little Tokyo.

Episode 780: The mysterious group comes to Little Tokyo. One of them says, "It's been a few years, now will have our revenge." Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Little Tokyo and the heroes try to investigate. The heroes notice a jewelry store is robbed. Speedy says, "This is the same jewelry store that was robbed few years ago." Polly and the others report this to Al Dente. Al tells Polly and the others that he has a plan. Later that night, a rare jade and diamond cat pendant is at a museum for display. The two figures break into the museum to steal the pendant until Speedy and the others reveal themselves to the two figures. Speedy tells them that this is a trap and the real pendant is been taken to a safe place. The two figures reveal to be a shark and a barracuda. Speedy saw the earrings their wearing. Shark wears a red 2 heart earring and the barracuda wears a red 2 diamond earring. The shark and the barracuda try to escape until they ran into Aiko and Kazuma. The two kids defeated them with ease. Later, Al interrogates the two villains. The two villains tell them that they belong to a group that wants to be rich and want vengeance. They want revenge on the Samurai Pizza Cats for defeating their leader of the Ninja Water Clan a few years ago. Later, Dolph, leader of the Ninja Water Clan, tells Al that the shark and the barracuda were supposed to be in prison because they were involved of kidnapping Spritz and his wife, Meyrin a few years ago. Al wants to know who the shark and the barracuda work for, but they tell him that there are 49 people left to deal with. Dolph orders his Ninja Water troops to take the shark and the barracuda to prison. Later, Speedy and the others notice that a new group of villains are here in Little Tokyo.

Episode 781: Al and Speedy summon the Samurai Pizza Warriors and the Samurai Pizza Angels. Later, Al and Speedy tell them about a new group that is in Little Tokyo. Jacky is happy because it's been a few years since he had any action. Al and Speedy tell them to watch out. Later, Guido Cerviche and Birdy begin their bickering on who's going to give the pizza to the customers until they drop the pizza. Polly made the two boys clean it up. Aiko and Kazuma are embarrassed of their brothers' behavior. Later, Guido Cerviche and Yattaro Anchovy are fighting over a girl, just like their fathers did years ago. Later, Speedy notice there is so many children are being trained to be samurai warriors and he decides to form a new team. Later, Speedy made Aiko and Kazuma new members of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Later, Good Bird asked the Samurai Pizza Angels to help train Callie, Amy, Linda, and Pururun Anchovy to be the next generation of the Samurai Pizza Angels. Later, Guido asked the Samurai Pizza Warriors to help train Bucky Jr., Guido's triplets, Wally's child, and Jacky's child to be the next generation of the Samurai Pizza Warriors. As for Guido Cerviche, Birdy, Speedy Cerviche Jr., Ty Cerviche, Yattaro Anchovy, and Otama they'll be train as the new team called the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team. Speedy says, "This will be a new team."

Episode 782: Aiko and Kazuma go to school. Aiko and Kazuma saw a group of muggers attacking a girl. The girl covers her eyes. Aiko and Kazuma use their swift attack on the muggers and disappeared. The girl opens her eyes and saw the muggers on the floor and unconscious. Later, Aiko heads to her class while Kazuma heads to his class. During the morning in Aiko's class, the kids talk about a girl was going to be attack by muggers until the muggers were suddenly went unconscious. Aiko overhears this and she giggles. Later at lunch time, Kazuma was eating. Kazuma overhears a bunch of kids talking about the attack. Later, Aiko and Kazuma meet up at the library. Aiko and Kazuma tell each other that the kids at school are talking about the attack. Suddenly, a gang of bikers are attacking the school. Aiko and Kazuma must figure out how to stop the biker gang without letting the school know who they really are. Aiko and Kazuma go inside the bathroom and they put on their fighting armors. Aiko and Kazuma fight off the biker gangs. The school is grateful for them. Later, Aiko and Kazuma put on their civilian outfits and head back to class. Later, the kids talk about two warriors saving the school from the biker gangs. Aiko and Kazuma overhear this, they wink, and giggle. Later, Aiko and Kazuma head home. Later, Aiko's parents and Kazuma parents asked their kids how their day at school went. Aiko and Kazuma tell them that is was okay.

Episode 783: A fighter that was once loyal to Dozel wants revenge on the Samurai Pizza Cats. The fighter is wearing a black 2 spade earring. Speedy saw this and he calls the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team for backup. Later, the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team shows up. Speedy tells them to stay put and watch how Speedy and the others handle the fight. However, the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team didn't listen to Speedy and caused the fighter to get away. Speedy wasn't happy about it. Later, Speedy yells at the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team for disobeying him. The Samurai Pizza Ninja Team tells Speedy that they wanted to be part of the action. Speedy yells, "You better listen to me next time or else I'll have Polly discipline you all!" The next day, the fighter begins his attack on Little Tokyo again. The heroes head out to confront the fighter. The fighter continues his rampage until the heroes show up. The heroes fought the fighter. However, during the fight, the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team has trouble fighting the fighter, because they’re not fighting as a team. Guido uses his finisher move to defeat the fighter. Later, Speedy is angry that the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team is not working as a team. Speedy thinks they need training. The next day, Speedy takes the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team to his father, Flash Cerviche. Flash Cerviche agrees to train the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team. Speedy tells them to listen to his father. Speedy leaves. Flash Cerviche tells them that training will be difficult and it will take three to five years.

Episode 784: Part 1. Speedy and the others wonder when this evil group will attack Little Tokyo since it's been three weeks since it their last attack. Later, Al Dente is working and he sees his sons working as well. Al found a letter in his room. Al reads it and his eyes are wide open with shocked. Later, Al heads to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Al tells the heroes that the leader of the Dragon Clan passed away. The heroes are shocked to hear the bad news. Al also tells them that Dr. Purple and his Ninja Crows disappeared. The heroes wonder what happen to them. Meanwhile, the evil group plans to get revenge on Empress Vi. Five people invade the palace. Al calls the heroes and they head to the palace. The heroes confront the five attackers. The five attackers wear black spades numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 earrings. The heroes get ready to fight them.

Episode 785: Part 2. During the fight, the five attackers reveal to the heroes that their group that wants revenge and want to be rich. This group is called 54 Pickup-Group. This gang use earrings of a card suits and numbers as a signed of being part of that group. After the heroes listen to them, they used their finisher attack moves of them. The heroes did their pose. Later, the five villains went to Prisoner Island. Later, Al Dente got another letter. Al tells the heroes that there's another group of villains besides the 54 Pickup-Group. These villains are called, Howl. Their leader is Howl Commander. Who is Howl Commander? What is this group called Howl? Speedy says, "We'll have to wait and find out."

Episode 786: Speedy gets a visit from the Great Warrior. The Great Warrior tells Speedy that new evil forces will be difficult and Speedy and his allies. He tells Speedy that the situation is too much and Speedy must send Callie, Amy, Linda, Pururun Anchovy, Bucky Jr., Guido's triplets, Wally's child, and Jacky's child to different locations so they can be safe and be train. Speedy asked him about Aiko and Kazuma, but the Great Warrior tells him that these two will be okay. The Great Warrior disappears. Speedy thinks about what the Great Warrior said. Later, Speedy tells his friends about what the Great Warrior said to him. Speedy asked, "Hey Aiko and Kazuma are you two up to this?" Aiko and Kazuma tell him that they can do it. Speedy says, "Time for us to get to work."

Episode 787: Polly is out making deliveries until someone attack her. Polly saw the attacker and it turns out to be one of her old enemies, Dragon Shadow. Dragon Shadow tells Polly after she and her friends defeated him and send him to prison, he broke out a week ago and joined a group called, Howl and he's working for Howl Commander. Dragon Shadow wants revenge on Polly and the girls. Dragon Shadow attacks Polly. Polly manages to escape from him. Polly made it to the restaurant and she tells Speedy and the others about this. Later, Dragon Shadow tracks down Polly until Speedy and the others confront him. Polly, Carla, Francine, and Lucille show up and they battle Dragon Shadow. Dragon Shadow was forced to retreat because he was outnumbered and outmatched. Dragon Shadow heads back to Howl HQ. Howl Commander yells at Dragon Shadow. Howl Commander told him not to attack the Pizza Cats yet. Because of that, the Pizza Cats will be ready for them now.

Episode 788: Part 1. Flash Cerviche trains the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team. During the training, Guido Cerviche and Birdy said, "Aiko and Kazuma had their training easy." Flash Cerviche says, "Your wrong, long ago their training was difficult for them. Let me tell you all a story." (Flashback) Al Dente gets a call from Captain Dragonfire Catton. Dragonfire needs help at the jungle and he needs help controlling a few soldiers. Al sends a seven year old, Kazuma and five and a half, Aiko. Kazuma and Aiko head to the jungle and they meet three soldiers. The three soldiers are two male dog soldiers and one red head female dog soldier. The three soldiers are underwhelmed seeing Aiko and Kazuma. Captain Dragonfire Catton tells the three that Aiko and Kazuma will be their superior officers and they must follow their orders. The three soldiers find that insulting while the other soldiers laugh at them. Later, Aiko and Kazuma get a mission to locate an enemy base. Aiko, Kazuma, and the three soldiers head out. During the mission, Aiko and Kazuma ordered the three soldiers to scout out the base, but the three soldiers disobeyed them and leave. Later, Aiko and Kazuma found the enemy base and returned to home base. Later, Aiko and Kazuma tell Dragonfire that they found the enemy base, but the three soldiers deserted them. Later, Dragonfire arrested the three soldiers for desertion during the mission and the three soldiers got one week in the brig. The three soldiers begin to resent Aiko and Kazuma. (Flashback Ends) Flash Cerviche needs to take a five minute break.

Episode 789: Part 2. Flash Cerviche continues telling the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team about Aiko and Kazuma in the jungle. (Flashback) After the three soldiers got out of the brig, the three soldiers tell Aiko and Kazuma that they'll never accept as their superior officers and as heroes. Aiko and Kazuma punch the three soldiers in the stomach and they tell the three soldiers to get used to it. The next mission, Aiko, Kazuma, and the three soldiers have to stop an enemy squad from reaching a village that is near Captain Dragonfire Catton's base. During the mission, the enemy squad attack Aiko and the others. The three soldiers underestimated their enemy and they were soundly defeated. Aiko and Kazuma save the three soldiers and defeated the enemy squad. The two male soldiers thank Aiko and Kazuma and they introduced themselves. The first male dog soldier is Alpo Nine. The second male dog soldier is Alsa Gem. The female dog soldier is Karen Rogers. Alpo, Alas, and Karen want to shake their hands to Aiko and Kazuma as a sign of trust, but Aiko and Kazuma gave the three soldiers the cold shoulder and they said, "Listen to us next time, Nine, Gem, and Rogers. Karen says, "Please called me Karen." Aiko says, "If you want us to call you by your first name, all of you must earn our trust." Kazuma says, "Aiko and I don't trust you three." Aiko and Kazuma return to Dragonfire to give their report. (Flashback Ends) Flash needs to needs to take a five minute break.

Episode 790: Part 3. Flash Cerviche continues telling the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team about Aiko and Kazuma in the jungle. (Flashback) Aiko and Kazuma continue being harsh of Alpo, Alas, and Karen. Aiko and Kazuma also continue called them by their last names instead of their first names. Aiko says, "Rogers, I want you, Nine, and Gem to get ready for a mission." Karen says, "Call me Karen and yes ma'am." Aiko says, "You got to earn it or else you'll never get a boyfriend." Karen gets angry and she gets ready to punch Aiko, but Aiko grabs her arm and throws her to the ground. Aiko yells, "You don't know who you dealing with. Kazuma, my family, my friends, and I were at the frontlines of the Blaokanos War. You three are 20 years older than us, but we have more experience than you three." Aiko lets Karen's arm go and she left. The three soldiers think about what Aiko said to them. Later, Aiko and the others go on another mission. During the mission, Aiko and the others discover that the enemy is going to use a nuclear warhead on Captain Dragonfire Catton's base. Aiko and Kazuma tell the three soldiers to warn Dragonfire about this while Aiko and Kazuma disarm the warhead. The three soldiers were heading out until their surrounded by enemy soldiers. The three soldiers defeated the enemy soldiers and they head to Dragonfire to warn him about the warhead. Dragonfire orders his troops to evacuate. Later, Aiko and Kazuma notice the warhead is impossible to disarm, because all of the wires are all black. Aiko and Kazuma have an idea and they programed it to hit at space. The warhead launches to space and exploded. Aiko and Kazuma save everyone. Later, Dragonfire and his troops capture the enemy base. Dragonfire tells Aiko and Kazuma that they can go home to Little Tokyo. Right before they leave, Alpo, Alas, and Karen kindly say goodbye to them. Aiko and Kazuma gave them the silent treatment and gave them the golden medals for their heroics. The three soldiers called Aiko and Kazuma heroes and they gave Aiko and Kazuma golden medals. However, Aiko and Kazuma refused to take it and they threw their medals at the lake. Aiko and Kazuma said, "There is one last order we want you to do, become better soldiers." Aiko and Kazuma left home. When Aiko and Kazuma got back home, Aiko says, "I think those three soldiers will be okay." Kazuma says, "We were harsh on them, but it's the only way for them to become better soldiers." Aiko says, "Alpo, Alas, and Karen will be fine." (Flashback Ends) Flash finished telling the Samurai Pizza Ninja Team the story and he says, "The moral about the story is that never ever underestimate Aiko and Kazuma."

Episode 791: Polly, Carla, Francine, and Lucille take Callie, Amy, Linda, and Pururun Anchovy to an island. At the island, the girls meet up with their old friends, Kouda, Miki, Blade Eyes, and the warrior women. Kouda and the others are happy to see their friends again. Kouda and Miki show Polly and the girls their baby daughters. Kouda's daughter is Beatrice. Miki's daughter is Katalin. Callie, Amy, Linda, and Pururun introduce themselves to Kouda and the others. Polly and the girls asked Kouda and the others to train the girls. Kouda and the others accepted it. Kouda says, "We'll train the girls to be warriors. We'll raise them like their one of our own." Polly and the girls say goodbye to Callie and the others and they promise that they'll visit them. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple and his Ninja Crows are at the countryside of Japan. Dr. Purple found a map. Dr. Purple gives an evil smile. Dr. Purple and the others reveal that they pretending to be good to avoid going to jail. Dr. Purple says, "It won't be long now until we make our comeback to Little Tokyo. (Evil Laugh)"

Episode 792: Part 1. At Little Tokyo, a woman appears and she gives Aiko a book to read. Aiko looks at the woman, but the woman left. Later that night, Aiko gets ready for bed and she asked Speedy to read her a story. Aiko gives Speedy the book. Speedy opens it and he begins to read it. Meanwhile, the woman who gave the book to Aiko earlier felt the book open and she smiles. The woman says, "Time for my revenge." The woman reveals to be a member of the 54 Pickup-Group and she's a witch. Her earring is a black spades 8. The witch cast a spell. Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine are sent to the book. The witch wants revenge of them for defeating her sister on an island a few years ago. Long ago, her sister turned Speedy, Polly, Guido, and GB into her prehistoric pets and Francine defeated her and Francine’s friends were change back to normal. The heroes are trap in the book world. Speedy is in Pinocchio (the Mokku of the Oak Tree version) story. Speedy is Pinocchio. Guido is in the Jungle Book (Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli version) and Guido is Mowgli. Polly is in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz no Mahōtsukai version) and she's Dorothy. Good Bird is in Galaxy Express 999 and he's Tetsuro Hoshino. Francine is in Night on the Galactic Railroad and she's Giovanni the cat. With the heroes trap in these stories Aiko calls Carla and Kazuma for help.

Episode 793: Part 2. Aiko tells Carla and Kazuma what happened. Carla sees Good Bird and the others in different stories. Carla saw the author's name on the book. Carla calls the Samurai Pizza Warriors to find the author. Carla tells Aiko and Kazuma to get into bed and she'll read them the stories. Aiko asked, "How can this help my papa and mama?" Carla tells her that she heard in order for someone to get out of an enchanted book you got to read the whole book from start to finish. Carla begins to read the book while Aiko and Kazuma are in bed and they listen to the stories. First story is Pinocchio (Speedy). Pinocchio is chased by the guards because Pinocchio is considered an evil creature is created by magic. Pinocchio found his father, Geppetto. Pinocchio keeps on lying and his nose begins to grow. Just when Pinocchio and his friends were about to head home until group of Russian Cossacks shot Pinocchio several times until the mystical blue fairy stops them and turns Pinocchio into a real boy (or "real cat") and lived happily ever after. The next story is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dorothy (Polly) sneezed on the wicked witch and she melted away. The next story is Jungle Book, Mowgil (Guido) has to save the jungle from the evil Shere Khan. Mowgil also has to save his adopted wolf family from the tiger. Mowgil kills Shere Khan and skins him.

Episode 794: Part 3. The story is Galaxy Express 999; Tetsuro Hoshino (Good Bird) fights the Mechanization Empire, also known as Prometheum, from turning the world into robots. With the help with his friends, they were able to defeat Prometheum. The last story is Night on the Galactic Railroad; Giovanni the cat (Francine) is on the train with Campanella. The train travels through the galaxy and Giovanni realizes that Campanella is dead. On the verge of tears, Giovanni tries to stay strong. Later, Giovanni then makes a promise to stay strong throughout life, claiming that, no matter where he is, he and Campanella will always be together. After finishing the stories, Aiko and Kazuma are asleep. Carla saw Aiko and Kazuma sleeping and says, "That is so cute." Meanwhile, an assassin murders the witch with a black spades 8 earing thus reversing the spell which frees Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird and Francine from the book. The Samurai Pizza Warriors found the witch dead. The assassin reveals to be Bad Bird 2 and he tells Dr. Purple that he got rid of the witch. Dr. Purple says, "No one gets rid of the Pizza Cats, but us." Meanwhile, Speedy and the others tell Carla that being in those stories was a great experience and thank her putting the kids to bed.

Episode 795: The Samurai Pizza Cats take Bucky Jr., Guido's triplets, Wally's child, and Jacky's child to Lokontey Cerviche and Joey Cerviche. Speedy asked them to train the kids. Later, Lokontey and Joey have trouble controlling the kids. Those kids keep getting into mischief while Lokontey and Joey try to train them to be samurai warriors. Lokontey and Joey realize that this is going to be a lot harder than they thought. They realize that their going to have to spend three to five years training these kids. Lokontey and Joey sigh with grief.

Episode 796: The Samurai Pizza Cats got a tip from anonymous source that Dr. Purple and the Ninja Crows were last seen at Nagoya, Japan. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, Aiko, Kazuma, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the new Rescue team head to Nagoya. The heroes made to Nagoya and they begin to search for Dr. Purple and the others. Dr. Purple and the others captured the Samurai Pizza Cats, GB, the Samurai Pizza Angels, and the Samurai Pizza Warriors. Aiko, Kazuma, and the Rescue team manage to avoid capture. Later, the captured heroes are strap down to the tables. Dr. Purple shows up and he tells the heroes that he and the others pretending to be good to avoid going to jail. Dr. Purple takes out a potion. Dr. Purple says, "I just gotten test subjects." Dr. Purple made all the heroes drink the potion. Dr. Purple says, "Let's see if the potion works." The potion begins to change the heroes. The heroes begin to age younger and all of the heroes are now 30 years old. Dr. Purple smiles with success. Dr. Purple reveals that he came to Nagoya because he was looking for ingredients for an age reversal potion and he wanted to find someone to test it. If it failed, they would have been turned into babies until they become larvae and then gone, but it didn't and the potion works great. Dr. Purple says, "All of you are now 30 years old and the effects don't wear off, it's permanent. Don't worry, you all are not immortal, you'll all have to wait 10 years to be 40 years old again. You all will be old again soon." Speedy says, "You just created the fountain of youth. Why?" Dr. Purple says, "There is a certain someone I'm going to help, but first you all need to be eliminate since you all done your purpose." Just when the bad guys were going to kill the heroes until Aiko, Kazuma, and the Rescue team show up and save the heroes. Aiko used a tracking device to find Speedy and the others. Jet Cat and Digger use their attacks to free Speedy and the others. Dr. Purple and the Ninja Crows use a robot to fight the heroes. The heroes fight the robot, while Dr. Purple and the others escape. The heroes use their finisher moves to destroy the robot. After the robot is destroyed, the heroes notice that Dr. Purple and the others escaped. The heroes head back to Little Tokyo and they tell Al that Dr. Purple and the others are evil once again and their now 30 years old again. Speedy says, "Don't worry, we'll be old again soon and besides being young again isn't bad. At least I don't have to see Polly's wrinkles. Everyone is shocked. Polly punches Speedy so hard that he went through Al's wall. Al says, "You're fixing my wall Speedy!" Francine says, "It's coming out of your pay check Speedy!" Meanwhile, Dr. Purple now has five potion bottles. Dr. Purple smiles and he says, "Now, let's make our friend young again. He will be 30 years old once again." Bad Bird 2 asked, "Who?" Dr. Purple says, "Jerry Atric. (Evil Laugh)"

Episode 797: Another member of Howl sets bombs all over Little Tokyo and threatens to set them off if Little Tokyo doesn't pay him 900 billion yen. Speedy and the others must find the bombs before it's too late. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple asked four ninja crows to come with him at his office. Later, Speedy and the others found almost all of the bombs and they have to search for one more bomb. The heroes discovered that the last bomb is at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. The heroes got one minute left before the bomb goes off. The heroes hear a ticking sound at Speedy's and Polly's bedroom. The heroes search through the room and they found the bomb at Polly's underwear drawer. Polly yells, "Do not take anything out of my drawers and don't even think of sniffing my panties or else you'll be in a lot of hurt!" The heroes grab the bomb. The heroes throw all of the bombs in the river before the bombs went off. The bombs went off underwater and Little Tokyo is save, however, the town is now covered with dead fish because of the explosion. The mad bomber escapes. The heroes went home while the palace maids and servants were forced to clean up the mess.

Episode 798: A member of the 54 Pickup-Group shows up. His earring is a black spades 9. He was a former member of the horse clan of the Zodiac Clan until Pizza Cats defeated the clan and the clan was turned into glue. He escaped before he became glue. The horse ninja wants revenge. He fights the new Rescue team. Kate T. Cat and B.B. Gun Catton use their fathers' techniques to disarm him while Jet Cat and Digger O' Tool use their fathers' techniques to defeat him. The Rescue team did their pose just like their fathers. Jet Cat says, "Only 42 members of the 54 Pickup-Group are left." Meanwhile, Dr. Purple saw Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow training. The two crows activate their Spiritual Hyper Mode. Bad Bird 2 is pure black yellow. Cailen Crow is pure black orange. Dr. Purple says, "Very soon."

Episode 799: A few members from Howl created five genetic mutants with super-human strength and agility and unleash them on Little Tokyo. The heroes head out to deal with these five mutants. During the fight, the five mutants reveal to be Aiko's classmates at school. Aiko is furious and she tries to attack the members of Howl, but the five mutants protect them. The members of Howl escaped. Speedy, Polly, and Guido use their techniques to capture the five mutants. Polly uses her voice to sign them a lullaby. The mutants sleep. Later, Speedy tells Al about this. Al tells Speedy and the others that he'll find a cure for these poor kids. Aiko is still furious and vow to get Howl for what they did to her classmates.

Episode 800: Summer is almost here at Little Tokyo, Good Bird thinks Aiko and Kazuma need more training. GB tells Speedy and the others that the time has come for them to be train by Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, and the others. Later, Speedy and the others take Aiko and Kazuma to Kyoto to be train by Aruno and the others for this summer. Speedy and GB tell their students that Aruno and the others will train them in ninjutsu, Jujutsu, all ninjutsu's weapons, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Vovinam, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Silat, Kalaripayattu, Savate, all arts of weaponry from around the world, masters all art of mixed martial arts, hybrid martial art, multi-discipline martial arts, Jee Shim Weng Chun Kuen, White Crane Weng Chun, all arts of crane fighting styles and all of Chinese martial arts fighting styles. Aruno and the others welcome Aiko and Kazuma as their new students. Aruno shows GB and Carla his children. Aruno and Azul have two children, a baby boy that looks a lot like his father and a baby girl that looks a lot like her mother. Jing Peng shows up with his girlfriend, she's a crane. Carter has 10 girlfriends and he's looking for the right woman to be with. Shirokuma and Asanuma show Aiko and Kazuma their rooms. GB and Carla say goodbye to Kazuma and once his training is complete he'll come home. Speedy and Polly say goodbye to Aiko and she must stay out of trouble for the summer. Guido say goodbye to Aiko and Kazuma. Aruno tells them that those kids are in good hands. The heroes head home to Little Tokyo. GB says, "We'll visit them on weekends during the summer." Speedy says, "Don't worry Polly; they'll only be there for this summer." Polly says, "You're right Speedy, it's just for this summer." Meanwhile at Ninja Tech Industries, Dr. Purple is working at his office until Bad Bird 2 shows up and he says, "They're here." Dr. Purple says, "Bring them in." Seymour Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Seymour Cream Cheese, and Petey Atric enter the room. Dr. Purple and the others free the Big Cheese and the others from Prisoner Island. Dr. Purple hypnotizes four Ninja Crows to replace them on Prisoner Island. The four Ninja Crows think their Seymour Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Seymour Cream Cheese, and Petey Atric. Dr. Purple gives Jerry Atric a potion bottle. Jerry smiles and he drinks the potion. Jerry says, "Very soon Grandmaster... (Jerry's voice change into a 30 year old voice)... Jerry Atric will return. (Evil Laugh)"