Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This page is season 15 (651-700). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes.

Episode 651: Part 1. Polly vs. Carrie Lust: Polly fights Carrie Lust. Carrie is so fast that Polly couldn't keep up with her. Carrie kicks Polly's face. Polly hits the ground. Carrie grabs Polly's tail and she swings her around until she throws Polly to the wall. Polly gets up, but Carrie punches Polly in the stomach. Polly says, "This girl is tough." Carrie says, "I'm a highly skilled martial artist." Polly says, "You’re very good." Carrie says, "Good and beautiful. You’re good and beautiful as well." Polly blushes and she says, "Let's get back to fighting." Carrie says, "Same here." Carrie picks up Polly and she throws her through a glass window. Polly is covered in blood. Carrie says, "It's ashamed that a beautiful girl has to die. We could have been friends." Polly climbs back up the window and yells, "This fight isn't over yet!" Carrie smiles and she says, "Round 2 begins." Meanwhile, Carla, Spritz, and Francine got the children to a safe place, Al Dente's place. Carla tells Al to watch the kids because she, Spritz, and Francine has to go back to rescue the others.

Episode 652: Part 2. Polly vs. Carrie Lust: Carrie continues to beat Polly up. Polly manages to grab Carrie's hand and she does a Judo throw on Carrie. Carrie hits the floor. Polly yells, "Let's see who has the most dangerous claws!" Carrie says, "I like the way you think." Both Polly and Carrie performed the claw attack on each other. After the attack, both Polly and Carrie cough out blood. Polly says, "Your claws are dangerous." Carrie says, "Same here." Polly says, "Let's finish this fight right now!" Carrie says, "As you wish." Carrie uses her finisher move. Polly uses her Spiritual Hyper Mode and her finisher move. Polly yells, "Heartbreaker!" Carrie yells, "Beauty Attack!" Both attacks collide and their equally strong causing a huge explosion. After the explosion the smoke clear, both Polly and Carrie are covered with blood and bruises. Polly says, "She is by far the strongest woman I ever seen." Carrie says, "I was going to say the same thing." Both Polly and Carrie collapse to the floor. Polly and Carrie try to get back up. Carrie drops to the floor while Polly gets up. Polly wins the fight. Carrie on the floor and says, "Go ahead finish me off." Polly says, "I'm not going to kill you. Let's be friends." Carrie says, "Pride and Wrath will kill me for failing." Polly says, "I will protect you from them." Hawk Wrath shows up and he says, "Let's see if you can do it." Both Polly and Carrie are shocked when Wrath appeared.

Episode 653: (This episode takes place between Episode 422 and Episode 423.) Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille played the cast of Lucky Star. Francine plays Konata Izumi, Polly plays Kagami Hiiragi, Lucille plays Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Carla plays Miyuki Takara. The girls try out the cheerleading session. At the end of the episode has the Lucy Channel where Princess Vi is Akira Kogami while Bat Cat is Minoru Shiraishi. Akira complains that she didn't get enough screen time while Minoru says, "You’re not cute enough." Akira attacks Minoru. Later, Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille leave the film studio and they get to sign autographs to their fans. The girls saw Speedy, Guido, Good Bird, and Bucky in the crowed and they signed their autographs.

Episode 654: Polly and Carrie are shocked to see Hawk Wrath. Meanwhile, Carla, Spritz, and Francine head back to Ninja Tech Industries. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple sees Carla and the others and he sends out a group of Ninja Crows and five robots to stop them. Carla and the others are surrounded by the Ninja Crows and the five robots until three figures appear. The first figure has an armor is light blue; shape on the forehead is a circle, and his antlers coming out of the top of his helmet. The second figure's armor is dark green, the shape on the forehead is a star, and his weapon is the big bow and arrow. The third figure's armor was sea blue, the shape of the forehead is a number 8, and his weapons is a nunchucks, laser canon, water cannon and a katana. Francine asked, "Who are you three?" The three figures reveal to be Bucky, Jacky, and Wally. They did their intro. Bucky's intro is he made a perfect landing with a high speed jet pack and raises his ice sword. Jacky's intro is he run and jumps and made a perfect landing with a bow and arrow. Wally's intro is he uses his water canon to fly up in the air and propellers down to the ground by using nunchucks. All Three Boys yell, "Samurai Pizza Warriors!!!" Francine and the others are shocked. Bucky tells Francine and the others that they a cat named Joey Cerviche gave them the armors and weapons and they became the Samurai Pizza Warriors. They all yell, "Spiritual Hyper Mode!" Bucky’s body turns pure light blue, Jacky’s body turns pure dark green Wally’s body turns pure sea blue. The Samurai Pizza Warriors defeat the Ninja Crows and the five robots with ease and they did their pose. Francine and the others are amazed. Bucky says, "When I heard our daughter being kidnapped I called my cousin to help me." Jacky says, "I always wanted to be a superhero and now my dream is coming true." Wally says, "Those Seven Deadly Warriors cause me my job and they kidnapped my sister, Lucille. I join Bucky and Jacky to get her back!" Francine and the others head to Ninja Tech Industries to rescue their friends. Meanwhile, Polly gets ready to defend herself against Hawk Wrath.

Episode 655: Polly vs. Hawk Wrath: Polly gets ready to fight Hawk Wrath. Hawk says, "I'll spare Carrie Lust if you, Polly come with me to the twenty-fourth floor and fight me there." Polly accepted Hawk's request. Carrie tries to stop Polly. Carrie tells her that Hawk Wrath is stronger than her and Hawk and Pride are the strongest members of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Carrie also tells her that Hawk is strong as Pride. Polly says, "Try to escape for me Carrie." Polly goes with Hawk. Later, Polly and Hawk are at the twenty-fourth floor. Polly fights Hawk Wrath. Hawk grabs Polly's sword with his bare hands. Polly is shocked about it. Hawk says, "Pathetic! I can't believe Speedy married a weakling. Speedy is nothing but an idiot dwarf." Dr. Purple, Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows are watching the fight and their shocked of what Hawk Wrath just said. Dr. Purple yells, "Get out of here Hawk!" Bad Bird 2 yells, "He's going to get killed!" Cailen Crow says, "We need to find a place to hide!" A group of Ninja Crows get into their hiding spots. Polly got so angry that she uses her Spiritual Hyper Mode to attack Hawk Wrath. Polly yells, "You made a big mistake!" Polly charges at Hawk. Hawk did a jump kick to hit Polly's chest. Polly hits the floor, but she got back up to attack Hawk. Hawk activates his Spiritual Hyper Mode. Hawk turns pure red flames. Polly is shocked. Hawk draws out his sword. Hawk says, "Let's see if you can withstand this attack." Hawk does a slash attack. Polly got hit and she loses a lot of blood. Polly hits the floor and she's defeated. Dr. Purple and the others are shocked. Hawk says, "Your anger was your undoing Polly."

Episode 656: Guido made it to the seventeenth floor and he found Meowzma. Meowzma is bag bound and gagged. Guido unties him and Guido heads to the eighteenth floor and he found General Catton. General Catton is bag bound and gagged. Guido unties him. Meanwhile, Speedy made it to the twenty-third floor and he saw Good Bird. Good Bird tells him that he couldn't find Lucille and he thinks Lucille is at the last floor, the twenty-fifth floor. Speedy asked, "What about the roof?" Good Bird says, "If she was at the roof, we could have seen her." Speedy and Good Bird head to the twenty-fourth floor. They see Hawk Wrath. Hawk says, "Welcome Speedy and Good Bird. I want to congratulate you two for making it this far." Speedy yells, "Where's Lucille and Bat Cat?" Hawk says, "Bat Cat is at the twentieth floor, you two just passed it and Lucille, she's at the basement. I'm afraid you two will have to go all the way down to get to her." Speedy and Good Bird were about to leave the twenty-fourth floor until Speedy found Polly on the floor. Polly is unconscious and covered in blood and bruises. Speedy is shocked and ran towards Polly. Speedy yells, "Polly wakes up! Polly wakes up!" Guido shows up and he's shocked when he saw Polly unconscious. Hawk confesses to Speedy and the others that he was the one that did it to Polly. Speedy gets really angry and he charges at Hawk until Good Bird sticks out his leg to trip Speedy. Speedy hits the floor and yells, "What was that for?!" Good Bird says, "Leave him to me Speedy. He's mine. Take care of Pride, Speedy. Guido, Bat Cat is at the twentieth floor. Did you find Meowzma and General Catton?" Guido says, "Yes. I'll go rescue Bat Cat. Good Luck, Good Bird." Guido carries Polly and he goes downstairs to rescue Bat Cat. Hawk tells GB and Speedy that Pride is at the roof and Dr. Purple and the rest of the Ninja Crows are at the twenty-fifth floor. Speedy calms down and he looks at Hawk. Speedy wanted to kill Hawk so badly, but he has a job to do. Speedy says, "Take care of Hawk Wrath, Good Bird. Thank you for stopping me. Good Bird, remember the question I was going to asked you?" Good Bird says, "You didn't ask me that question, you just walk away to told me to get better." Speedy says, "I'm sorry about that and I want you to do something for me." Good Bird asked, "What is it?" Speedy says, "If I don't make it, you'll be leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats." GB yells, "What?!" Speedy left and says, "Take care of them, GB. The Samurai Pizza Cats are now in your hands." GB was about to follow Speedy until Hawk stops him and he says, "You’re not going anywhere." GB draws his sword and he says, "You’re going to regret messing with us!" GB gets ready to fight Hawk Wrath.

Episode 657: Part 1. Good Bird vs. Hawk Wrath and Speedy vs. Pride: Speedy heads to the twenty-fifth floor. He sees Dr. Purple and a group of Ninja Crows. Dr. Purple shows Speedy the stairway that will take him to the roof of the building. Speedy does upstairs and he gets ready to confront Pride. Pride looks at the moon. Pride says, "The moon is so beautiful." Meanwhile, GB battles Hawk Wrath. Hawk flies up to the air. GB flies up to the air to fight Hawk. Meanwhile, Speedy fights Pride to a fight. Speedy kicks Pride's leg, but Pride withstands that attack and he kicks Speedy's leg. Speedy is hurt. Meanwhile, Hawk throws a ninja star to disarm GB. GB has to fight Hawk hand to hand combat. Hawk head-butts GB to the face. GB lands on the floor. GB hides from Hawk. Hawk uses his hawk eyes to track GB down. Hawk found him and strike GB with his talons. Meanwhile, Speedy charges at Pride, but Pride grabs Speedy and flips him over. Speedy got back up and Speedy is able to do a joint lock on Pride. Pride breaks free by biting Speedy's leg. Speedy screams in pain.

Episode 658: Part 2. Good Bird vs. Hawk Wrath and Speedy vs. Pride: Guido carries Polly and he made it to the twentieth floor. Guido found Bat Cat. Bat Cat is bag bound and gagged. Guido unties Bat Cat. Guido says, "We need to get out of here and take Polly to a doctor." Bat Cat nodded and they head downstairs. Meanwhile, Speedy and Pride continue their fight and Pride punches Speedy in the stomach. Pride said "You were weak Speedy and now I will go into Spiritual Hyper Mode. (Laughing)" Before Pride can go into his Spiritual Hyper Mode until he was shot in the eye by an unknown assailant. Pride falls of the building and was dead. Speedy comes up and saw Pride falls off and died. Speedy says, "Hello? Can you hear me? Whoever you are I want to say thank you." But there was no answer. Speedy said, "I better help Good Bird." Speedy goes down the stairs. The mysterious assailant reveals to be Speedy's brother Joey (from Fan Movie 8). Joey said, "Leave my brother alone you jerk." Meanwhile, Hawk Wrath continues to beat GB. GB takes out a hidden sword and he stabs Hawk Wrath at the heart. Hawk hits the floor. GB gets ready to walk out until Hawk grabs GB's foot and throws him to the floor. Hawk reveals that his heart is on his left side. Meanwhile, Speedy and Joey were about to help GB until Pride reveals to be alive and he says, "I got one life left." Both Speedy and Joey team up to face Pride.

Episode 659: Part 3. Good Bird vs. Hawk Wrath and Speedy and Joey vs. Pride: Speedy and Joey team up to battle against Pride. Meanwhile, GB gets ready to use his finisher move until Hawk breaks GB's left arm. GB screams in pain. Meanwhile, Pride does a roundhouse kick on both Speedy and Joey. Speedy and Joey hit the floor. Pride strangles Joey until Speedy stabs Pride in the back. Pride turns around and he beats Speedy up. Joey saw Speedy's Ginzu sword and he performs Speedy's Ginzu Sword attack. Joey yells, "CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!" The attack hits Pride and Pride hits the floor. Pride gets back up. Both Joey and Speedy are shocked. Speedy yells, "What is he?" Meanwhile, Hawk Wrath activates his Spiritual Hyper Mode and attacks GB. He tells GB that once he kills GB, he'll kill Carla and adopt Kazuma and Birdy and he'll raise them as his own children. GB gets angry and he activates his Spiritual Hyper Mode and attack Wrath with everything he's got. GB uses his finisher attack move. GB yells, "PHOENIX RISING- FIRE AWAY! HYAH!" The attack hits Hawk Wrath. Hawk says, "Every...bird is a wrath. Every bird is a wrath." GB kicks Hawk Wrath so hard that Hawk went through the window and Hawk falls to his death. Meanwhile, Pride says, "I lost, but I set everything in motion. The world is changing. I made be gone, but there will be another group that will be the next generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors. You can't do anything about it. (Evil laugh)" Both Speedy and Joey punch Pride. Pride falls off the window and fall to his death. Meanwhile, Guido, Polly (regains consciousness), Carla, Francine, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team see Pride and Hawk Wrath fall to their deaths and they yell, "Speedy and Good Bird did it! They won!" Dr. Purple and the others are shocked when they saw Pride and Hawk Wrath defeated. Later, Guido rescues his wife, Lucille. Meanwhile, Carrie Lust, a surviving member of the Seven Deadly Warriors, quit being a member of the Seven Deadly Warriors and left Little Tokyo to return to America. Later, Carrie became a successful martial arts actress.

Episode 660: A week later after the battle against the Seven Deadly Warriors. All over Japan is damage because of the Seven Deadly Warriors evil plot. Dr. Purple now the new, but temporary prime minister of Little Tokyo, ordered Ninja Tech Industries to help rebuilt Japan. Meanwhile, Dolph and the remaining members of the Ninja Water Clan have to return home. Spritz T. Cat and his family went with the Ninja Water Clan to help rebuild the clan and they promise to return once the clan is rebuilt. Jacky and Wally take over Spritz's Pizza Restaurant for the time being. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others call Master Hang and the other masters that they succeed of defeating the Seven Deadly Warriors. Master Hang and the other masters are pleased. Later, Master Hang and the other masters tell Speedy and the others that they’re going to retire and Master Conall and the others will take their place. Speedy and the others celebrate their victory. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure watches Speedy and the others. The mysterious figure says, "Things are going to change."

Episode 661: Two years later, Kazuma is four and a half years old; Aiko is two and a half years old. Birdy is a year old. Guido is a year old. Otama is two years old. The Anchovy twins are two years old. Today is Aiko's birthday. Speedy and the others get ready for the birthday party. Speedy and Good Bird head to the store to find Aiko a birthday present until the Great Warrior appears. The Great Warrior says, "A new threat is coming to Little Tokyo." Speedy and GB asked, "What is this new threat?" The Great Warrior says, "This new threat will destroy everything. The time has come to train Aiko and Kazuma in the way of the warrior." Speedy and GB yell, "Their not yet ready!" The Great Warrior says, "Trust me. Speedy Cerviche, you will train Kazuma. Good Bird, you will train Aiko. Trust my decision." The Great Warrior disappears. Later, everyone celebrates Aiko's birthday and she's now three years old. Speedy and GB agree that they'll train the two children next month.

Episode 662: Speedy begins to train Kazuma while GB begins to train Aiko. Speedy tells Polly and the others about what the Great Warrior told him and GB. Polly wonders why. GB explains to Polly and the others that Kazuma needs to be train by Speedy and Aiko needs to be train by GB because Speedy and GB have always been on evenly matched in fighting. Aiko can learn about the ninja way, while Kazuma can learn about the samurai way. Once their training is complete then GB can train Kazuma while Speedy can train Aiko. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple builds a robot and unleashes it on Little Tokyo. Speedy and the others head out to stop the robot. Speedy and GB order Kazuma and Aiko to stay at the restaurant. Speedy and the others battle a group of Ninja Crows first and then they battle the robot. Both Speedy and GB team up and use their finisher moves to destroy the robot. Later, Speedy and GB continue to train the children.

Episode 663: Part 1. Aiko and Kazuma have trouble with their training. Later that night, the Great Warrior appears and he decides to send Aiko and Kazuma to the past in order to understand their teachers. Aiko and Kazuma wake up and there in the past. The Great Warrior tells them not to reveal their identities to their parents or else they won't exist. Aiko looks at Good Bird, but Good Bird is Bad Bird. Kazuma see Speedy. The children see Speedy and Bad Bird battle each other. They’re amazed that their fathers are evenly matched. Bad Bird retreats for now. Aiko follows Bad Bird while Kazuma follows Speedy. Later that night, Bad Bird eats dinner. Aiko watches Bad Bird until Bad Max, leader of the Rude Noise, spots her and he grabs her. Bad Max yells, "Who are you?" Aiko whimpers and cries. Bad Bird and the other Ninja Crows come out and saw what's going on. Bad Bird notices that Aiko is wearing a Ninja Crow in training uniform and he demands Bad Max to put her down. Bad Max refuses until Aiko bites Bad Max's hand. Bad Max screams in pain and he let her go. Aiko runs behind Bad Bird and she yells, "Save me sensei!" Bad Bird is confused and asked, "Sensei?" Meanwhile, Kazuma is at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Kazuma looks through the window to see Speedy. Speedy and the others are talking to Al Dente about their next mission until Kazuma accidentally slip and cause some noise. Speedy comes outside to check it out. Speedy found Kazuma and he grabs him. Speedy yells, "Who are you?! Were you spying on me and my friends Ninja Crow?!" Kazuma is frightened. Speedy raises his fist and yells, "Answer me!" Polly, Guido, Francine, and Al went outside and saw Speedy. Guido yells, "Put him down Speedy!" Speedy yells, "He's a crow and he must be a spy working for the Big Cheese!" Polly walks up to Speedy and she slaps him. Speedy lets Kazuma go. Kazuma runs away crying and he climbs up to a tree. Francine yells, "I can't believe you almost scared him to death." Guido walks up to the tree and he asked, "Are you okay?" Kazuma is scared and he yells, "Help! I can't get out of this tree!" Guido asked, "You can't fly?" Kazuma says, "I don't know how." A tree branch broke off and Kazuma fall off the tree until Polly catches him. Kazuma begins to cry. Polly hugs him and she says, "Shhhh, it's okay, calm down." Kazuma fainted. Polly saw a Samurai Pizza Cat symbol on Kazuma's shirt. Polly says, "This child has our Samurai Pizza Cat symbol." Speedy, Guido, Francine, and Al are shocked.

Episode 664: Part 2. Aiko is asleep. Bad Bird and Jerry Atric wonder how a female kitten became a member of the Ninja Crows. Bad Bird orders a few Ninja Crows to watch over Aiko for the night. Meanwhile, Polly takes Kazuma to her bedroom to sleep. Polly put him on top of her bed. Al says, "A crow has the Samurai Pizza Cat symbol. For his age, he's kind of young." Guido says, "I can't believe you Speedy, attacking a child for no good reason." Speedy says, "I thought he was a spy for the Ninja Crows. I didn't know he was a child." Polly says, "He's life would have been shorten. (She looks at Speedy.) You’re a horrible person." Speedy says, "I'm sorry." Francine says, "Don't apologize to us, and apologize to the boy in the morning." Polly says, "Tonight, you’re sleeping on the floor Speedy." Speedy yells, "No way!" Polly gives Speedy her angry look and Speedy says, "Sleeping on the floor won't be bad." Later, Polly sleeps next to Kazuma. She puts her arm around the young crow. Polly licks Kazuma's head as a sign of affection, like a mother licking her kitten. Polly says, "Don't worry I'll keep you safe." Kazuma, still sleeping, feels comfort. The next morning, Bad Bird talks to Aiko. Aiko says, "I'm an honorary member of the Ninja Crows. I'm...Red." Bad Bird looks Aiko and he says, "Okay Red, stay at my room and I gets you some breakfast." Bad Bird looks at Aiko again and he says, "You look familiar." Aiko panics and she says, "We haven't met before! Sorry! (Laughing nervously)" Meanwhile, Polly gives Kazuma a bath. Polly gets in the tub with Kazuma. She cleans him up. Speedy and the others get ready to open the restaurant. Kazuma walks out to find something to eat. Kazuma looks at Speedy and he hides behind Polly. Polly says, "Speedy is there something you want to say to him." Speedy says, "Well..." Polly gets angry and threatens to hit Speedy with a frying pan. Speedy says, "I'm sorry about last night." Kazuma looks at Speedy. Kazuma calms down and he hugs Speedy. Speedy asked Kazuma where he came from. Kazuma panics and he says, "I came from the south. I'm here to train as a samurai." Polly and the others notice that Kazuma is hiding something. Speedy looks at Kazuma and he says, "You look familiar. Have we met before?" Kazuma gets nervous and says, "No." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese builds a robot and he unleashes it on Little Tokyo. Bad Bird brings Aiko along. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others head out to stop the Big Cheese's plan. Speedy brings Kazuma along. Polly and Guido yell, "Are you nuts!?" Speedy says, "He's has our symbol and I think a little training will be good for him." Later, the Samurai Pizza Cats confronts the Big Cheese and his gang. Kazuma and Aiko see each other on opposite sides. Speedy and Bad Bird battle each other. Aiko and Kazuma watch the fight. Meanwhile, Polly and Guido battle the Ninja Crows. After, Polly and Guido defeat the Ninja Crows, they battle the robot. They were able to damage the robot. The robot sees Aiko and Kazuma and the robot takes Aiko and Kazuma as hostages. Speedy and Bad Bird saw this. Aiko and Kazuma scream for help while the robot gets away.

Episode 665: Part 3. Speedy and Bad Bird saw the robot taking Aiko and Kazuma away. Speedy and Bad Bird chase after the robot. Speedy yells, "Polly! Guido! Handle the Big Cheese and the gang! I'm going after that robot! He has the boy!" Bad Bird yells, "Jerry, the robot has betrayed us and took one of our own as a hostage! I'm going after the traitor bot! Handle those two cats!" Both Speedy and Bad Bird chase after the robot. Both Polly and Jerry said, "I think he's growing attach to the kid." Meanwhile, the robot is hiding at a cave and the robot tells the children to stay there and don't move. Aiko and Kazuma are worry about their fathers. Kazuma tells Aiko that her father was hostile towards him because he was a crow. Aiko tells Kazuma that his father was a criminal. Aiko and Kazuma also notice that their fathers hated each other. The robot saw Speedy and Bad Bird appear and they confront the robot. Both Speedy and Bad Bird work together and battle the robot. Aiko and Kazuma saw their fathers working together and fighting the robot. However, both Speedy and Bad Bird try to kill each other. Both Aiko and Kazuma yell, "Will you two idiots stop fighting and save us!" Speedy and Bad Bird stop and said, "Okay." Both Speedy and Bad Bird use their finisher move to destroy the robot. Aiko hugs Bad Bird and Kazuma hugs Speedy. Both Speedy and Bad Bird blushed. Later, Aiko says goodbye to Bad Bird. She tells him that she needs to return to her home to complete her training. Meanwhile, Kazuma says goodbye to Speedy and the others. Kazuma tells them that he needs to return to south before winter comes. Kazuma looks at Polly and he says, "Thank you for giving me a bath. You'll make a great mother someday." Polly blushes and she says, "thank you sweetie." Both Speedy and Bad Bird said, "We like these kids." Later, Aiko and Kazuma made it to Mt. Coochie. The Great Warrior appears and he says, "You two done well." The Great Warrior sends the children back to their time. Aiko and Kazuma return to the present and they see their fathers. Their fathers begin to fight each other over who has to deliver a pizza at downtown. Both Aiko and Kazuma yell, "Will you two idiots stop fighting and deliver that pizza!" Both Speedy and Good Bird stop fighting and they said, "Okay." Both Speedy and Good Bird deliver that pizza. Speedy and Good Bird asked, "Wait a minute, where did we heard that talk before?" Aiko and Kazuma wink and laugh.

Episode 666: Part 1. At Prisoner Island, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Sundance Kid, and a group Ninja Crows are having a barbecue. The Big Cheese has an idea and it's to kidnap Speedy's and Polly's children. The Big Cheese says, "We're going to adopt some children." Jerry says, "You already have a son and two godsons." The Big Cheese says, "Don't ruin my moment Jerry." Jerry says, "Sorry." The Big Cheese says, "Sundance Kid. Take a few Ninja Crows with you and bring the Cerviche children to me." The Sundance Kid says, "Okay. I always wanted to get even with Speedy anyway." Later that night, the Sundance Kid and a group of Ninja Crows head to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. They sneak inside the restaurant while everyone is asleep. A group of Ninja Crows accidentally keep breaking several plates and glass cups. However, the noise didn't wake them. The Sundance Kid is so embarrassed of the Ninja Crows' incompetents. Later, the Sundance Kid grabs Aiko Cerviche while she's sleeping. A group of Ninja Crows grab Guido Cerviche while he's sleeping. The Sundance Kid leaves a note and they left. The next morning, Polly screams. Guido, Francine, Good Bird, and Carla show up. Speedy stay away from Polly, because she's angry. Speedy tells them that Aiko and Guido are kidnapped and the bad guys leave a note. The note says, "Dear Speedy and Polly Cerviche, you two are unfit to be parents so we're talking your children away and they’re going to be rise by a proper family. They will become great villains, signed by your enemies, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Sundance Kid, and the Ninja Crows." Guido says, "They just made a big mistake." Speedy says, "Yeah, they made me and Polly angry!" Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows try to calm baby Guido when he was crying. Aiko kicks a few Ninja Crows' legs. Jerry says, "That's not how to handle children. Watch me." Jerry makes funny faces until baby Guido screams in horror. Aiko yells, "Stop scaring my brother! Aiko kicks Jerry's leg. Jerry screams. The Sundance Kid laughs and he says, "You guys are so stupid at handling children. Watch me." The Sundance Kid picks up Guido and he says, "Who's a cute baby?" The Sundance Kid covers the baby's eyes and then opens them. The Sundance Kid says, "You found me." Guido bites the Sundance Kid's nose. The Sundance Kid screams in pain. The Big Cheese says, "You’re an idiot. Let me show you how to handle them." The Big Cheese takes out candy to calm them down. Aiko and Guido saw the candy and they attack the Big Cheese to get the candy. The Big Cheese is beat up. Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird put on their fighting armors and they head to Prisoner Island to rescue the Cerviche children.

Episode 667: Part 2. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird head to Prisoner Island to rescue the Cerviche children. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese orders his men to be ready for the Samurai Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese brings out a ten crab robots to help out. The heroes made it to Prisoner Island. They see the people enjoying the island. They search for the Big Cheese and his gang. One of the people tells the heroes that the Big Cheese and his gang are staying at a mansion that is nearby. The heroes head to the mansion. A Ninja Crow stops the heroes and warns his master. The Big Cheese yells, "Send out the ten crab robots! Ninja Crows attack!" The ten crab robots and the Ninja Crows come out to fight the heroes. Guido and Good Bird tell Speedy and Polly that they can handle the robots and the Ninja Crows while they go rescue their children. Speedy and Polly went ahead while Guido and GB battle the robots and the Ninja Crows. Speedy and Polly confront the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Sundance Kid. Speedy took a few steps back while Polly walks towards them. Polly gets really angry. Speedy says, "Sucks to be you." The Sundance Kid laughs and he says, "You think you can beat me red head." Polly gets really angrier. Speedy finds a place to hide from Polly's wrath. Polly throws a punch like you could ever believe. That punch not only knocks out the Sundance Kid, but the punch leaves an imprint of her knuckles on the left side of his face, and knocking him completely unconscious. The Big Cheese and Jerry are frightened. Meanwhile, Guido and GB defeat the Ninja Crows easily and they use their Spiritual Hyper Mode to destroy the ten crab robots. Guido and GB do their pose. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and Jerry hold the Cerviche children hostage. The Big Cheese threatens to hurt the children. Polly yells, "Put my children down now or you'll be one died fox!" The Big Cheese and Jerry put the children down. Polly gets angry and she attacks the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric while Speedy watches. Later, the heroes take the children home. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Sundance Kid are covered in bandages while the Ninja Crows dress up as nurses to take care of them. Meanwhile, Speedy and Polly are happy to see their children again.

Episode 668: Dr. Purple begins to review the reports on the Samurai Pizza Cats. Dr. Purple notices that the Samurai Pizza Cats are getting stronger and they have allies. Dr. Purple says, "We now have to deal with the Samurai Pizza Cats (including Good Bird), the Rescue team, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, the Samurai British Cats, the New York Pizza Cats, the Ninja Water Clan, and the Greece Pizza Cats. We need to get new allies to help us deal with them." Bad Bird 2 asked, "Why not some of Seymour's family and allies (from the A Mission in Manhattan episode)?" Dr. Purple says, "They’re busy. We just need to find someone who will join us. You know that the Ninja Crow Clan is divided by two, those who serve the Big Cheese and those who serve me." Cailen Crow says, "Don't worry maybe someday something will happen. We just need to be patient." Dr. Purple and Bad Bird 2 feel that patient is an impossible.

Episode 669: At Prisoner Island, the Big Cheese and his gang are relaxing. Meanwhile, Princess Vi saw a scared straight program and she decides to have a scared straight program here on Little Tokyo. She takes a few juvenile delinquents on a boat and tells them this will be a scared straight program and she going to take them to Prisoner Island to scare them straight. Meanwhile, Speedy overheard the Princess when he was out delivering pizzas. Speedy heads back to the restaurant and he tells Polly and the others about this. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird head to Prisoner Island to warn the people that Princess Vi is coming. The people of Prisoner Island immediately change the tropical paradise into a fake prison. The Big Cheese and his gang find an opportunity to take out the heroes until Princess Vi and the juvenile delinquents show up. The people pretend to feel miserable and they scare the juvenile delinquents straight. Princess Vi says, "If you don't want to end up like them, stay out of trouble!" The juvenile delinquents agree. The Big Cheese tries to attack the Pizza Cats until he accidentally trip and the toss a coconut at the Princess's face. The Princess gets angry and yells, "You'll be here for two more years!" The Big Cheese fainted. Princess Vi and the juvenile delinquents return to Little Tokyo, not knowing that Prisoner Island is a tropical paradise. Speedy says "If she ever finds out the truth about Prisoner Island, she'll feel like an idiot and she try to destroy this island." Polly and the others agree. Polly says, "That's why we need to protect Prisoner Island's secret from the Princess and her royal family at all time." The heroes head home. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese literally explosion in anger while Jerry and the Sundance Kid get caught in the explosion.

Episode 670: A mysterious figure comes to Prisoner Island and kidnaps the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the ninja crows. The figure takes them to the mysterious lab in the southern part of Africa. The Big Cheese woke up and asked, "Where are we? Huh where is The Sundance Kid?" He sees Jerry who has been infected by the Blaokanos Virus. Meanwhile, the Sundance Kid begins leaves Prisoner Island to search for the Big Cheese and the others. The Sundance Kid encounters The Joseph of the African Pizza Cats and said, "The Sundance Kid you are not to betray your own family and friends. If you continue to be evil you will end up in darkness forever." The Sundance Kid regrets it and heads back to New York and says sorry to his friends. The New York Pizza Cats accepted his apology and the Sundance Kid rejoins the team.

Episode 671: After the Sundance Kid rejoins the New York Pizza Cats. The Sundance Kid reunites with his wife Lucinda and has a child Billy the Kid. Lucinda said, "Sundance Kid you came back." The Sundance Kid said, "I know but I have to return." The Sundance Kid said, "Who is that kid." Lucinda said, "That’s our son Billy the Kid." The Sundance Kid said, "Aww he is so cute." The Sundance Kid and Lucinda hug each other and begin to start a new future with themselves and the New York Pizza Cats as good guys. Meanwhile back at the southern part of Africa. Jerry puts the Blaokanos Virus inside of the Big Cheese and transforms him into a monster. Meanwhile, Speedy and the other Samurai Pizza Cats heard that the Sundance Kid is a good guy again and rejoined the New York Pizza Cats. Speedy, however, believes the Sundance Kid hasn't change. Good Bird tells him that the Sundance Kid is a lot like him because he too made bad choices in his life and Speedy managed to turn him around. Good Bird also tells him that he's behaving like Guido when he didn't trust GB being good and it took a while for Guido to accept GB as a friend. Speedy tells GB that it's going to take a while for him to trust the Sundance Kid again. GB understands. GB tells Speedy that he was just remaining him about it.

Episode 672: The Pizza Cats went to New York to prove the Sundance Kid really changed. The Sundance Kid said, "I returned to the good side because an African Pizza Cat told me." After hearing the news to the Sundance Kid the Pizza Cats returned to Japan and are happy that the Sundance Kid returned to the good guys. Meanwhile back at the southern part of Africa the ninja crows mutates into monsters after they were infected with the Blaokanos Virus. The ninja crows have now become the Blaokanos Ninja Crow Clan. Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats tried to figure out who is the mysterious African Pizza Cat is and why did he make the Sundance Kid comes back to the good side. The mystery remains unknown.

Episode 673: Speedy's Flashback part 1. Speedy is dreaming that he and his father Flash Cerviche went in to the Cover Rain Mansion a few years ago before the Main show "Samurai Pizza Cats." Speedy asked, "Father, why do we have to find information in the mansion?" Flash said, "Because I received from Lock Dante (Al Dante's father) that the mansion was located at south of Monkey Chunky Island." Speedy said, "Is it dangerous?" Flash said, "I think so son. But we will make it." Flash and Speedy went into the mansion to look for clues. Speedy found the key which unlocks the first room. After they went in Speedy and Flash were going to look for more rooms. Flash found the key but triggers the trap. Speedy quickly pressed the button to get his father out of danger. They continued to travel in the mansion until they spotted the Blaokanos Monster with an ax. Speedy and his father killed the monster and fell to a trap door.

Episode 674: Speedy's Flashback part 2. After defeating the monster, Speedy and Flash continued their quest through the mansion. Until they fall into a pit. After they fell into the pit they found out that their weapons were lost. Speedy has found his Ginzu Sword and Flash has found his Flame Katana. Flash and Speedy were avoiding three Blaokanos Monsters with an ax and Flash uses his flame katana to set three traps and killed three monsters. After receiving three keys they enter the room and got to the main hall. The door leads to Monk Glonk's studies. After entering a room they encountered Drake Slasher who killed Monk Glonk. Drake starts to fight Flash and his son Speedy. Speedy uses his sword to stab Drake. Drake avoids the attack and punches Speedy. Flash started to fight and yells, "LEAVE MY SON ALONE!!!" Flash uses his special move while Drake is about to kill Speedy. Flash uses his finisher move called Flame of Pain. Flash damages Drake and tackles him out of the window. Both Flash and Drake fell off the window and goes down to the sea. Speedy yells, "FATHER!!!!" Speedy wakes up from his bed scared. Polly said, "What’s wrong Speedy?" Speedy said, "Nothing just a horrible nightmare I had." Polly said, "Well get some sleep tomorrow me, you, our daughter Aiko and our son Guido are going to have a perfect day." Speedy said, "Okay." So Speedy and Polly went back to bed and went to sleep.

Episode 675: Al Dente heads to Bat Cat's Pizza Restaurant. Al says, "Bat Cat, today, your son, Jet Cat, has to spend some time with his mother, Princess Vi, today." Bat Cat says, "Okay." Bat Cat brings Jet Cat out. Jet Cat is three years old. Al takes Jet Cat to the palace to be with his mother, Princess Vi. Jet Cat is happy to see his sister, Fredia Tokugawa. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple orders Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow to kidnap the Princess Vi's children and hold them for ransom. Meanwhile, Al talks to Jet Cat and asked him if he wants to be Prince of Little Tokyo, but Jet Cat tells him that he wants to be a hero just like his father. Meanwhile, Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow sneak inside the palace and they kidnap Fredia Tokugawa. Al saw this and he tries to fight them off, but the two villains overpower him with ease. Meanwhile, Jet Cat saw this and he tries to rescue his sister, but the bad guys got away. Jet Cat cries for a while until Al calms him down and tells him that his father and the Samurai Pizza Cats will rescue Fredia Tokugawa. Later, Jet Cat heads to the roof of the palace to learn how to fly just like his father. Meanwhile, Bat Cat, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird head out to rescue Fredia Tokugawa. The heroes head to Ninja Tech Industries. Meanwhile, Fredia Tokugawa is crying and yells, "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" Dr. Purple, Bad Bird 2, and Cailen Crow cover their ears from Fredia's screaming while the Ninja Crows wear ear muffs. The heroes get inside the building and their surprised that the bad guys didn't hear them come in because the bad guys are wearing ear muffs. The heroes made noises while the bad guys didn't hear anything. The heroes were going to rescue Fredia Tokugawa until Jet Cat shows up and he's flying. Bat Cat cries with joy and says, "My boy is flying. I never was so proud." Jet Cat crashes into building and the bad guys spot the heroes. The heroes fight the bad guys. Meanwhile, Bat Cat gets angry and yells, "You kidnapped my daughter!" Bat Cat fights Dr. Purple. Bat Cat takes out a medallion and he puts it on. Bat Cat activates his Spiritual Hyper Mode. Bat Cat turns pure dark blue and he beats up Dr. Purple. Meanwhile, the heroes use their finisher moves to defeat Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the Ninja Crows. Later, Bat Cat carries Jet Cat and Fredia Tokugawa home. Bat Cat says, "Fredia is going to stay with me and Jet Cat for two days." Bat Cat takes the children home. Speedy asked, "How did Princess Vi said yes?" Polly says, "Al told me that Princess Vi let's her daughter do whatever she wants." Speedy says, "Princess Vi is spoiling her." Guido says, "Like mother and daughter." GB nodded. The heroes head home.

Episode 676: A mysterious figure comes to Little Tokyo. The figures visit the Pizza Cat Restaurant. The figure asked to see Lucille. Guido asked, "Who are you?" The figure reveals to be a snake. Lucille shows up and she smiles. Lucille says, "Andera, it's been a long time." Andera smiles and she hugs Lucille. Lucille tells everyone that Andrea used to be a member of the Reptile Clan before the Seven Deadly Warriors destroyed the clan. Speedy and the others greet Andrea. Andera tells Lucille and the others that she and the surviving members join the snake clan. Andrea tells the heroes that the snake clan is in danger, because their leader is missing. Lucille asked, "What's your leader's name?" Andrea says, "Libra." Lucille and the others promise to find Libra. Andrea warns the heroes that an evil snake took over the snake clan. The evil snake is named Aunshi. Meanwhile, a snake ninja spies on Andrea and the heroes informs Aunshi that Andrea has just called the Samurai Pizza Cats. Aunshi tells the snake ninja to return to HQ.

Episode 677: The heroes begin to search for Libra, leader of the snake clan. Meanwhile, Aunshi orders a group of ninja snakes to deal with the heroes. Later, Andrea takes the heroes to a village where Libra was last seen before she disappeared. The heroes begin to search around the village. Lucille asked Andrea if any ninja snakes search for Libra. Andrea tells her that no one search for Libra, because Aunshi ordered them not to search for Libra. Suddenly, a group of ninja snakes attack Andrea. Lucille uses her homing missiles, but the ninja snakes easily dodge the missiles. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird show up to help Lucille fight against the ninja snakes. The heroes battle the ninja snakes. The ninja snakes are very fast. The heroes use their Spiritual Hyper Mode to defeat the ninja snakes. After the ninja snakes, Speedy interrogates one of the ninja snakes. The ninja snake didn't answer any of Speedy's questions until Speedy uses Polly to make the ninja snake talk. The ninja snake tells the heroes that Aunshi ordered them to attack the heroes and that's it. Speedy and the others head back to the restaurant. Speedy tells everyone that they need to train since their new enemy is fast. Andrea tells the heroes that she's going to a safe house for the time being. Meanwhile, Aunshi notices that the heroes defeated the ninja snakes. Aunshi is concern and says, "I have a feeling this group that defeated the ninja snakes will be a problem in the future."

Episode 678: The heroes are working as usual until Polly gets a letter. The letter is an invitation to a fashion show and she can bring three of her friends as long as their girls. Later, Polly brings Francine, Carla, and Lucille to the fashion show. The girls saw Ruby. She tells them that she and her apprentice, Oka are the directors of this show. Lucille forgot that Oka is part of the Ninja Crows. Later, Ruby shows the girls the dresses she and Oka design. Meanwhile, an unknown assassin attacks the fashion show. The girls fight the assassin. The assassin reveals to be a snake. The snake retreats for now. Later, Polly and the others girls realize that the snake assassin attacked the show because the snake assassin was trying to kill Polly and the girls. Meanwhile, the snake assassin tells his leader, Aunshi that he failed on his mission. Aunshi ordered the ninja snakes to execute him for his incompetents. Aunshi says, "If those Samurai Pizza Cats aren't taking care of it will be a disaster for me and the clan, but mostly me."

Episode 679: Aiko and Kazuma want to help out at the restaurant, but their parents want them to stay at Speedy's room where they can be safe. Meanwhile, Aunshi sends out a serpent to deal with the heroes. Later, the serpent begins to attack Little Tokyo. The heroes head out to deal with the serpent. The serpent uses his eyes to hypnotize the heroes but he was foiled by Jacky who uses the Deer Tree Trap of Punishment and blinded the serpent with the branches and captured him. Later, the heroes interrogate the serpent; however, the serpent breaks free and ran into Aiko and Kazuma. The two kids try to fight the serpent, but the serpent captures them and holds the kids hostage. The serpent demands the heroes to surrender or he'll hurt the children. However, Aiko and Kazuma manage to break free by using butter to squeeze out of the serpent. Wally uses his Water Tornado of Ram to finish off the serpent. Meanwhile, Aunshi is very angry that the serpent failed on his mission. One of the ninja snakes advised Aunshi to leave the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies alone or it will be a disaster for her and everyone. Aunshi executes one of the ninja snakes for giving her an advice.

Episode 680: Guru is working on his dimensional machine. Guru turns on the machine and something came out of the machine and escape from Guru's house. The next day, the people at Little Tokyo notice that their homes were attack by a monster. Meanwhile, Guru comes to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Speedy asked, "What brings you here Guru?" Guru hesitated at first. Guru says, "That's something you need to know." Speedy asked, "What is it?" Francine interrupted and she tells Speedy and the others that the palace is just been attack. Speedy says, "Tell me later Guru." Speedy and the others put on their fighting armors and they head to the palace to investigate. Later, Al tells the heroes that a monster attacks the palace and Princess Vi just put a bounty on the monster. Speedy asked, "What does the monster look like?" Al says, "I don't know. No one saw the monster." Later, the heroes head home until their collar bells rung. Speedy yells, "Someone is attacking the restaurant!" Polly yells, "It could be the monster!" The heroes rush to the restaurant. Later, the heroes made it to the restaurant. The heroes go through the door to fight the monster, but they saw Aiko, Kazuma, Guido, Birdy, Anchovy twins and Otama playing with the monster. The monster reveals to be Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster tells the heroes that Cookie Monster broke into people's homes to eat cookies. Speedy asked him about attack on the palace and Cookie Monster tells Speedy that he ate Princess Vi's cookies. Speedy says, "That explains why Princess Vi put a bounty on him. No one supposed to eat her cookies." Guido asked, "How did you get here?" Guru shows up and he tells the heroes everything what happen. Polly, Francine, and Carla beat up Guru for a while until Guru begs for their forgiveness. Guru tells everyone that he got his machine working and he'll take Cookie Monster back home. The heroes sneak Cookie Monster back to Mt. Coochie. Princess Vi's guards begin to search for Cookie Monster. Lucille uses her homing missiles to take out the guards. Later, the heroes made to Mt. Coochie and take Cookie Monster back to his world. Later, Speedy and the others have cookies for desert. Speedy and the others eat those cookies like Cookie Monster eat his cookies.

Episode 681: At Mt. Coochie, the Great Warrior begins to have a vision. The Great Warrior sees four powers. The four powers are evil. The first power is Dr. Purple and his Ninja Crows, the second power is the mysterious Blaokanos Ninja Crow Clan, the third power is the snake clan, and the fourth power is unknown. The Great Warrior has a bad feeling about these four powers. The Great Warrior notices that the four powers have one thing in common they want to destroy the Samurai Pizza Cats. However, the good news is that they’re not going to work together. The Great Warrior notices that something or someone is blocking his vision. The Great Warrior has another vision. He sees Aiko and Kazuma. The Great Warrior is concern about this. He has a feeling that Aiko and Kazuma will be in grave danger. He has a feeling that the four powers will harm the children. The Great Warrior decides not to tell Speedy and Good Bird about this. If he tells them about this then Speedy and Good Bird will not finish training the children. For now, the Great Warrior will try to figure out about the four powers of evil. The Great Warrior notices that Aiko and Kazuma have an unknown power and they must be train. The Great Warrior says, "I hope Speedy is training Kazuma well. I also hope Good Bird is training Aiko well. The children will one day be as strong as their fathers." Meanwhile at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Speedy, Good Bird, Aiko, and Kazuma sneeze. All four of them said, "Someone is talking about me."

Episode 682: A white female crow comes to Little Tokyo and she challenges all female birds to a fight. She defeats all of the female birds except Carla. The female crow doesn't believe Carla is a fighter. Later, Carla is shopping for grocery until Carla runs into Albino Crow. Albino Crow wonders why Carla didn't fight the female crow. Every female bird in Little Tokyo hates the female crow. Carla tells her that it wasn't worth fighting the female crow. Albino Crow gets angry and she tells Carla that she was always jealous of Carla, because Albino Crow used to have a crush on her former teacher, but Bad Bird love Carla not her. Another reason is Carla defeated Princess Vi, Empress Fredia, and Yen Sloth. The three girls were supposed to be dangerous, but Carla defeated them. Another reason is Carla can do the FANBLADE attack and Spiritual Hyper Mode. Carla tells her that she have those things, because she wants to protect her family and friends. Carla says, "Polly Esther is the strongest female warrior in Japan." Albino Crow says, "That's not the point. You’re by far the strongest female bird in Japan and I'm second strongest of the female birds." Carla blushes and she says, "I didn't know about that." Albino Crow says, "Besides, you’re the second strongest female warrior in Japan, while I'm the fifth strongest female warrior in Japan." Carla asked, "Who's third and fourth place?" Albino Crow mumbles and says, "Lucille...and...Francine." Carla says, "Speak up. I can't hear you." Albino Crow says, "Lucille and Francine." Carla asked, "What is it that you want?" Albino Crow says, "I want you to teach me how to perform the FANBLADE attack and Spiritual Hyper Mode." Carla asked, "Are you going to use them to hurt my husband?" Albino Crow says, "yes...I mean no, no." Carla says, "I heard yes, so forget it." Carla walks away. Albino Crow gets angry and she wants to attack Carla, but she chooses not to. Later, Carla walks home with the grocery bags until she saw Albino Crow fighting the female crow. During the fight, Albino Crow gains the upper hand until the female crow cheated by using a stun gun on Albino Crow. Carla gets angry and she fights the female crow. Carla uses her FANBLADE attack and Spiritual Hyper Mode to defeat the female crow with ease. Later, Carla helps Albino Crow. Albino Crow says, "Your husband is very lucky to have you. Two years ago I found a boyfriend named Kuroi." Carla says, "Good for you." Albino Crow says, "My boyfriend, Kuroi, acts a little bit like your husband." Carla says, "I'll tell you one thing if you want the FANBLADE attack you must first let go of the past. Let go of your grudge against my husband. It will be the first step of achieving the FANBLADE attack." Carla leaves Albino Crow. Albino Crow begins to think about what Carla said to her.

Episode 683: Aunshi hires a rattlesnake, a copperhead, sidewinder, and cottonmouth to battle the Samurai Pizza Cats and their friends. Meanwhile, Speedy trains Kazuma in balance on the log while Good Bird trains Aiko in speed. Later, the four poison snakes attack Little Tokyo and they poison the people. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes about this. After he hangs up, a copperhead poisons Al Dente and everyone in the palace. Meanwhile, the heroes put on their fighting armors to head out. Speedy tells Kazuma to continue his balance on the log while Good Bird tells Aiko to run 100 laps around the restaurant. Later, Speedy calls the Samurai Pizza Warriors to help them out. Later, the heroes confront the four poison snakes. The Samurai Pizza Cats (including GB) battle the rattlesnake and sidewinder while the Samurai Pizza Warriors battle the copperhead and cottonmouth. During the fight, copperhead poisons Jacky and Bucky. Wally yells, "I need help!" Guido helps Wally fight off copperhead and cottonmouth. Speedy, Polly, and GB use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to finish off the rattlesnake and sidewinder. Guido and Wally use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to finish off the copperhead and cottonmouth. Meanwhile, Francine, Carla, and Lucille found the antidote spray and sprayed Little Tokyo and curing people (including Al Dante, Bucky, Jacky and everyone in the palace and the city). Little Tokyo was cured. Bucky kisses Francine for helping him and his cousin Jacky for getting rid of the poison.

Episode 684: Part 1. Aunshi is tired of the Samurai Pizza Cats and the allies defeating her. So she decides to go an all-out assault. Many ninja snakes beg her not to do it because their men aren't ready to fight them, but Aunshi ignores her troops. Meanwhile, Andrea shows up to the Pizza Cat Restaurant to warn the heroes that Aunshi is planning an all-out assault on them. Andrea also tells them that she discovered that Aunshi is responsible for Libra's disappearance. Later, the Samurai Pizza Cats, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team get ready for battle. General Catton tells Speedy that Spritz T. Cat and his family are still living with the Ninja Water Clan and Spritz can't come because the Ninja Water Clan still need him to rebuild the clan. Speedy and the others understand. Later, Aunshi and the snake clan charge at the heroes. The heroes get ready for the fight of their lives. Meanwhile at Mt. Coochie, the Great Warrior watches the fight and he saw a mysterious figure, who is also watching the fight. The Great Warrior takes a real close look at him and the mysterious figure reveals to be Drake Slasher. Drake Slasher is watching the fight from far away. Drake Slasher says, "Let's see how you grown Speedy Cerviche."

Episode 685: Part 2. The heroes battle the snake clan. Speedy confronts Aunshi and the two battle each other. During the fight, Aunshi confesses that she was responsible for Libra's disappearance. Aunshi also tells Speedy that three years ago she met a cat named Pride. Pride told her that she's too good to be second in command of the snake clan and she should be leader. Aunshi thought about what Pride said to her and she took his advice. Speedy gets angry and he tells Aunshi that Pride trick her. Aunshi, however, didn't listen to Speedy and continues to fight him. Speedy uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode and his Ginzu sword power to defeat Aunshi. Speedy yells, "CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!" The attack hits Aunshi. Aunshi hits the floor. Aunshi tells Speedy that Libra is being held at a house shack that is 10 miles south from Little Tokyo. Later, the ninja snakes stop and surrender to the heroes. Later, the heroes retrieve Libra and she thanks the heroes for rescuing her. Aunshi is charged with high treason and she'll stand trial. Andrea thanks the heroes for helping the snake clan out. The snake clan apologizes for giving the heroes a hard time and they want to be allies with the Samurai Pizza Cats. Speedy says, "Even in death the Seven Deadly Warriors are up to no good." Polly says, "They must have set this up just in case if their dead." Guido asked, "What else they set up before they died?" Good Bird says, "I don't know your guys. I just don't know." Meanwhile, Drake Slasher saw the battle and he says, "Well done Speedy." Drake Slasher leaves. Meanwhile, one of the ninja snakes secretly hides from the other ninja snakes and he picks up the phone and he says, "Aunshi failed. The snake clan is now allies with the Samurai Pizza Cats." Meanwhile, eleven shadow figures are not pleased to hear that the snake clan now allies with the Samurai Pizza Cats. One of them says, "The snake clan was useless. We need to lay low for a while until we're ready to deal with those Samurai Pizza Cats. When the time comes the Zodiac Clan will rise."

Episode 686: Drake Slasher went back to the mysterious lab in the southern part of Africa. He sees that the Blaokanos Big Cheese and Blaokanos Jerry Atric are finally completed. Drake says "Well I see that the Blaokanos Virus had transformed you two into stronger monsters. Well I have planned to use the Blaokanos virus and spread it across the globe. After many years have passed I will begin to strike." Drake sets the Spread of Blaokanos Virus to 15 years, 8 months, 4 weeks, 25 days, 22 hours, 45 min. and 30 sec. on the doomsday clock. Drake talks to the Dicexlentlex members and the female cat scientist named Dr. Mintela to start creating the missiles to begin the preparations for the new world.

Episode 687: Speedy and Good Bird takes Aiko and Kazuma to the woods and trains them in survival. During the training, Aiko and Kazuma learn that survival isn't easy. Speedy and Good Bird tell Aiko and Kazuma that they must survive the woods for a month. Speedy and Good Bird leave Aiko and Kazuma. Now Aiko and Kazuma must fend for themselves for only one month. Meanwhile, Speedy asked Bat Cat to watch Aiko and Kazuma for the next month and he must not let them see him. Bat Cat understood and he watches the kids and he make sure that the kids don't see him. During his watch he hides in the bushes. Later, Kazuma pees at the bushes. Bat Cat got urine all over him. Later, Bat Cat realizes that the bush he's hiding in is really poison ivy. Bat Cat says, "This is going to be one long month." During the month, Aiko and Kazuma learn how to set up camp, get food, hunt, endure the weather, and other survival things. One month has pass, Speedy and Good Bird return to bring Aiko and Kazuma back home. Aiko and Kazuma tell their fathers that surviving out in the wilderness wasn't easy. Speedy and Good Bird tell them they have a long way to go. Later, Speedy and Good Bird saw Bat Cat covered in dirt, leaves, and bug stings. Speedy and Good Bird smile him and they cover their noses. Bat Cat says, "Those kids use me as a bathroom and they didn't see me the whole time." Speedy and Good Bird said, "You need a bath." Speedy takes out a water hose and he sprays Bat Cat down to clean him up.

Episode 688: The Great Warrior decides to tell Speedy and the others about the snake clan. The Great Warrior tells them the snake clan is part of a group called the Zodiac Clan. Good Bird says, "I heard about the Zodiac Clan." The Great Warrior tells them that the Zodiac Clan is a dangerous group. Twelve ninja clans came together to formed one powerful clan. Every year a leader of the clan will be chosen to be leader of the Zodiac Clan. The Great Warrior tells the heroes those three years ago, the monkey clan was supposed to be the leader of the Zodiac Clan for one year until something happens that is a mystery. The Great Warrior warns the heroes that defeating the snake clan caused the Zodiac Clan to take notice and the Zodiac Clan will retaliate. Speedy asked, "Who's in charge of the Zodiac Clan?" The Great Warrior says, "The Dragon Clan and their by far the most dangerous and powerful group of the Zodiac Clan." The Great Warrior disappeared. Later, the Great Warrior is at Mt. Coochie. The Great Warrior says, "One day, I'll tell the Samurai Pizza Cats about Drake Slasher and the Dicexlentlex members when the time is right." The Great Warrior thinks about Aiko and Kazuma. The Great Warrior says, "I have a feeling that Aiko and Kazuma will encounter these foes one day."

Episode 689: Kazuma and Aiko are still training with Speedy and Good Bird. Meanwhile, Francine is pregnant and is about to have another kid. Bucky said, "Francine I can't believe we were going to have another child." Francine said, "I know." Bucky and Francine hugged at each other and can't wait for another child. 8 months later Francine is rushed into the hospital and said, "Bucky I can't believe it is coming." Bucky said, "I am so excited." Bucky calls, Speedy and the Pizza Cats to come to the hospital. After Speedy and the Pizza Cats comes to the hospital and saw Bucky and Francine. Francine had twins born. One baby was a male deer and the other was a female cat. Speedy saw the children and was amazed at the newborn twins. Bucky said, "What are we going to name our children?" Francine said, "Our baby deer son name was Bucky Jr. and our baby kitten daughter name was Linda." The twins were born. Aiko and Kazuma were ready for the final training.

Episode 690: Aiko and Kazuma begin their final training. Aiko goes with her master, Good Bird, while Kazuma goes with his master, Speedy Cerviche. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple builds a robot to attack Little Tokyo. Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows went with the robot. Later, Al calls the Samurai Pizza Cats that Little Tokyo is under attack. Polly tells Al that Speedy and Good Bird are unavailable because their giving Aiko and Kazuma the final training. Al tells they have to stop the robot without Speedy and Good Bird. Polly, Guido, and the Samurai Pizza Angels head out to stop the robot. Meanwhile, Speedy gets ready to train Kazuma in the final steps of his training while Good Bird gets ready to train Aiko in the final steps of her training. Speedy teaches Kazuma how to perform the finisher move and how to activate the Spiritual Hyper Mode. Meanwhile, Good Bird teaches Aiko how to perform the finisher move and how to activate the Spiritual Hyper Mode. Meanwhile, Polly and the others deal with Dr. Purple's robot and the bad guys. The Samurai Pizza Angels battle Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows while Polly and Guido battle Dr. Purple's robot. The Samurai Pizza Angels easily defeat Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows by using their finisher moves. The Samurai Pizza Angels did their pose. Meanwhile, Polly and Guido use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to destroy Dr. Purple's robot. Polly and Guido did their pose. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma were able to activate the Spiritual Hyper Mode and they were able to perform their finisher moves. Kazuma's body and armor turned pure green while Aiko's body and armor turned pure crimson red. Speedy and Good Bird are impressed. Speedy and Good Bird tell them that their training is complete. Speedy and Good Bird give Aiko and Kazuma fighting armors. Aiko's armor is just like her mother's, but the color of the armor is crimson. Kazuma's armor is just like his father's, the color is of the armor is green. Speedy and Good Bird asked Aiko and Kazuma what they’re going to name their finisher moves. Aiko tells her master that she learned how to do the Heartbreaker attack and the Cat Eye Slash attack. Aiko has a new move called, Crimson Cat Eye Slash attack. Kazuma tells his master that he learned how to do the Phoenix Rising Fire Away attack and the Thunderbird attack. Kazuma has a new move called, Phoenix Talon Slash attack. Later, Speedy and Good Bird want Aiko and Kazuma to spar with other to test out their new skills. Polly, Carla, Guido, Francine, General Catton, Bat Cat, and Meowzma come to watch Aiko and Kazuma fight. Al Dente is the referee and he says, "Begin!"

Episode 691: Aiko and Kazuma begin to spar with each other. Guido notices that Speedy and Good Bird are far away from Polly and Carla. Guido walks up to Speedy and GB. Guido asked, "Why are you guys aren't sitting next to Polly and Carla?" Speedy and GB pointed at Polly and Carla said, "Look over there." Guido looks at Polly and Carla. Polly yells, "Come on Aiko use the chokehold!" Polly grabs General Catton and she chokeholds him. Polly yells, "That's how you chokehold someone!" Carla yells, "Punch her in the face! Like this!" Carla grabs Bat Cat and punches him in the face. Both Polly and Carla grab Meowzma and they yell, "Come on! You can do it!" Both Polly and Carla use Meowzma as a punching bag. Guido says, "I see now why you guys are sitting here instead of sitting next with your wives." Aiko and Kazuma are evenly matched. Aiko and Kazuma draw out their swords and they have a long sword fight. During the fight, Kazuma begins to fly up in the air. GB is amazed and he asked, "How did he learn how to fly?" Speedy says, "I taught him how to fly." Guido is amazed and he says, "You two taught those kids well." Aiko and Kazuma get ready to use Spiritual Hyper Mode and they use their finisher moves on each other. Aiko yells, "CRIMSON CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!" Kazuma yells, "PHOENIX TALON SLASH! HYAH!" The two attacks hit each other causing a big explosion. After the smoke clear, both Aiko and Kazuma are knocked out. Both Polly and Carla throw Meowzma to the floor and they rush to check to see the children are alright. Al says, "This is a draw!" Later, Aiko and Kazuma are alright and their playing video games with each other. Aiko and Kazuma are laughing and having a great time. Meanwhile, Al says, "Those two kids are good." Speedy and GB said, "They were trained by the best." General Catton, Bat Cat, and Meowzma are covered in bandages. Polly and Carla asked, "What happen to you guys?" General Catton, Bat Cat, and Meowzma said, "You guys did this to us." Polly and Carla asked, "We did? Don't remember doing that." General Catton, Bat Cat, and Meowzma can't believe that Polly and Carla don't remember using them as punching bags.

Episode 692: A masked fighter breaks into the palace and attack Princess Vi. When Empress Fredia shows up, the masked fighter throws Princess Vi out the window. Empress Fredia saves her daughter, but the masked fighter got away. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes to investigate the incident. Speedy found a clue and the clue is a ninja star and it's has a Ninja Crow Clan symbol on it. Later, Speedy and the others confront Dr. Purple and demand to know if he was the one that attack the Princess. Dr. Purple tells them that he and his Ninja Crows were not the ones that attack the Princess. Speedy and the others suspect that the Big Cheese is behind this, but the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and his Ninja Crows disappeared. Meanwhile, Carla is took Kazuma and Birdy to the park to play until the masked fighter shows up. Carla fights the masked fighter. Surprisingly, the masked fighter did the FANBLADE attack. Carla saw this and she says, "The masked fighter has to be a female crow since only female crows can perform the FANBLADE attack." The masked fighter reveals to be Albino Crow. Carla demands to know why Albino Crow attack the Princess. Albino Crow says, "I was following orders." Carla asked, "Who, Dr. Purple?" Albino Crow says, "No." Carla asked, "Seymour Cheese?" Albino Crow says, "No." Carla asked, "Then who?" Albino Crow walks up to Carla and she whispers to Carla's ear. Carla is shocked and she says, "I thought he was dead." Albino Crow says, "I thought so too, but he's much alive. Petey Atric and I are the only ones that know that he's alive. He told me to tell you he's alive. The attack on the Princess was just random. I'll see you later. Before I go, I need to tell you that I almost master the Spiritual Hyper Mode. Bye." Albino Crow leaves. Later, Carla is still shocked of what Albino Crow told her. Carla says, "I can't believe he's still alive. Dirty Bird, my husband's father is alive." Later, Albino Crow returns to the village. A figure asked, "Did you tell my daughter-in-law I'm alive?" She says, "Yes. She'll tell your son of your return soon. But when are you going to tell me how you survive your last battle and where have you been for all these years?" The figure reveals to be Dirty Bird, Good Bird's father. Dirty Bird is in his forties. Dirty Bird says, "All you need to know is that I have return. One day, I'll tell you, my son, and his family how I survive."

Episode 693: At the Ninja Crow village, Seymour Cream Cheese, son of Seymour Big Cheese, is three years old. Seymour Cream Cheese is worry about his father. He hasn't heard from him for almost a year. Petey Atric, grandson of Jerry Atric and Seymour Cream Cheese's advisor and mentor, is worry as well since he hasn't heard from his grandfather. Later, Petey Atric heads to Little Tokyo to find the Samurai Pizza Cats. Petey found the heroes battling one of Dr. Purple's robots. Petey watches them fight the robot. The heroes have trouble fighting the robot until Petey secretly throws a ninja star at the robot given the heroes a chance to destroy the robot. The heroes destroy the robot and did their pose. Later that day, just when the heroes were about to head home until Petey confronts them. The heroes beat him up first until Petey raises the white flag. Petey tells the heroes that he came to Little Tokyo and asked them if they hear anything from the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric. Speedy asked, "What happen to them?" Petey says, "He and Seymour disappeared for like almost a year and my Ninja Crows were searching for him and Seymour. My Ninja Crows found nothing." Speedy begins to feel sympathetic and he says, "If we see him and Big Cheese, we'll lets you know." Petey says, "Thank you, but don't tell anyone I said thank you to you." Petey hugs and kisses Speedy. Speedy freaks out. Petey says, "Don't tell anyone about that one too." Petey left. Meanwhile, Blaokanos Big Cheese and Blaokanos Jerry Atric have a feeling that someone is talking about them.

Episode 694: Part 1. The Samurai Pizza Cats (including Good Bird), the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team (except Spritz T. Cat who is living with the Ninja Water Clan) went to San Francisco, California for Comic Con. They bring the children with them to have a great time. They meet the New York Pizza Cats and the Samurai British Cats at Comic Con. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple sends Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow to kill the heroes. He also sends a robot to help them out. Later, the heroes get to buy comic books meet fans, actors, and comic book artists. Meanwhile, Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the robot made it to Comic Con, but they saw 200 people dress up as the Samurai Pizza Cats and allies. They call Dr. Purple about this and Dr. Purple orders them to kill them all, but Cailen Crow says, "I see a few fans dress up like us." Dr. Purple says, "Kill only the ones who dress up as the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies, leave the people who dress up like us alone. If anyone dresses up as Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger, Cell from Dragon Ball Z, M. Bison from Street Fighter, and Dr. Eggman from Sonic leaves them alone as well." The bad guys get ready to attack Comic Con.

Episode 695: Part 2. Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the robot attack Comic Con. All of the heroes saw the bad guys and they get ready to fight them. However, the heroes can't tell which is the real bad guys and the fans dress up as the bad guys. Speedy says, "I got an idea!" Everyone listens. Speedy says, "If you can dodge my punch, you must be Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the robot." Everyone yells, "WHAT?!" Speedy punches the first Bad Bird 2 and he get hit and hit the floor. Speedy says, "Not him, next!" Speedy begins to punch everyone who could be the bad guys. Later, Speedy punch the last person who dress up as a bad guy. Everyone is hurt. Polly and the others are embarrassed of Speedy's stupid plan. Speedy says, "None of these people are Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, or the robot!" Polly walks up to Speedy and she punches him. Polly says out of sarcasm, "That punch in the face means you’re not the real Speedy!" The real Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the robot got up and they tell the heroes that they’re real bad guys. Speedy asked, "How come you didn't dodge my punch?" Everyone yells, "Because you’re an idiot!" The heroes battle the real Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the robot. All of the heroes combine their powers to destroy the robot. Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow retreated. All of the heroes did their pose. Speedy notices that Bad Bird 2 dropped his credit card. Speedy picks it up and he saw the credit card came from Dr. Purple. Speedy smiles and his say, "I'm going shopping." Later, the heroes have a great time at Comic Con and they went home. Speedy is carrying twenty bags of stuff he brought from Comic Con. Two weeks later, Dr. Purple gets the bill and he yells, "WHAT?!" Dr. Purple fainted.

Episode 696: The city is under attack and Al Dente calls the Samurai Pizza Cats. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma are getting ready for their first mission as heroes. Speedy and the others wonder about it and they went with them when they put on their fighting armors. Speedy orders Aiko and Kazuma to stay at the back and let him and the others handle the dangerous stuff. Aiko and Kazuma asked, "How are we supposed to fight if you won't let us help you?" Speedy says, "This is your first mission and you two still got a lot to learn. Watch us how we handle this, you two will learn from this." Later, the heroes confront the attacker; the attacker is a plant monster that can use plants as weapons. The heroes battle the plant monster. Aiko and Kazuma watch the fight. The plant monster traps the heroes with its vines. Aiko and Kazuma saw their parents in trouble and they head step in to fight the plant monster. Aiko has an idea and she yells, "Kazuma, get some plant killer chemicals!" Kazuma yells, "I'm on it!" Kazuma flies to the garden store to get some plant killer chemicals. Meanwhile, Aiko holds her own against the plant monster until Kazuma arrives with two tanks of plant killer chemicals. Aiko and Kazuma spray the chemicals on the plant monster. The plants on the plant monster begin to die. Aiko and Kazuma cut the vines to free Speedy and the others. Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power to destroy the plant monster. Speedy yells, "Let's do our pose!" All of the heroes did their pose. Later, Speedy and the others thank Aiko and Kazuma for rescuing them from the plant monster. Speedy says, "Thank you. On my first mission I failed miserably and my Dad was in the hospital because I didn't listen to him. And I shouldn't have said that." Everyone look at Speedy, because he unintentionally slips his tongue about his first mission being a total failure and no one supposed to know about. Aiko and Kazuma found that one funny and ironic, because Speedy's first mission was a failure while their first mission was a success.

Episode 697: Princess Vi is missing. Speedy and the others search for her. Aiko and Kazuma are working at the restaurant. Aiko and Kazuma overheard the news that Princess Vi missing and they head out to search for her. Later, Aiko and Kazuma overheard that a few children are turning up missing and they think this could be connected to Princess Vi's disappearances. Later, they see a group of men dress in brown hoods grab a boy and a girl. Aiko and Kazuma follow them until they reach the docks. They saw the men in brown hoods drag to children to the ship and they saw a man in a red coat. Aiko and Kazuma overhear that the man in a red coat are kidnapping children for slaves. Aiko and Kazuma realize that these bad guys are committing slave trade. Aiko and Kazuma search though the ship to find the kidnapped children. Aiko and Kazuma overhear a scream coming from the captain's quarters. Aiko and Kazuma check it out and they see Princess Vi in a cage. Aiko and Kazuma get inside the captain's quarters and they let the Princess out. A group of men in brown hoods spot the two heroes. The man in a red coat orders the brown hoods to capture them. Aiko and Kazuma easily take out the brown hoods. The man in a red coat is afraid of the two kids and asked, "Who are you two?" Aiko and Kazuma did their intro and they said, "We're the next generation of the Samurai Pizza Cats!" The man in a red coat freaks out in fear. Princess Vi gets behind the man in a red coat and she knocks him out. Later, Speedy and the others went to the docks and saw the three hooded guys tied up and the children freed. The three hooded guys revealed to be bounty hunters who were hired by a mysterious masked man to capture Princess Vi and the children and bring them to the lab. But Speedy said, "What lab and the masked man?" The three hooded guys said, "We don't know." Aiko said, "Daddy I did a good job." Kazuma said, "Father I did a good job." Speedy and GB both said, "Well we were very proud of you two." The mystery remains unknown whoever is the masked man is and why did he hire these three bounty hunters? Meanwhile, Princess Vi hugs Aiko and Kazuma. Princess Vi says, "You two kids are so cute wearing Samurai armors." Princess Vi kisses both Aiko and Kazuma and the two kids blushed making Speedy jealous. Speedy says, "I saved Princess Vi's life so many times and I never got kiss. What do these kids have that I don't have?" Princess Vi says, "Cuteness!"

Episode 698: At Dr. Purple's lab, Dr. Purple is working until Bad Bird 2 shows up. Bad Bird 2 says, "Dad, I just pick up a communication and it's from space." Dr. Purple stops working and he turns around and he asked, "Where is it from again?" Meanwhile, the heroes are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant until Al Dente calls and tell them that they saw a spaceship coming to the palace. The heroes wonder if it's the Big Cheese doing the alien trick again and they head out. The heroes head to the palace and they saw the spaceship. The spaceship opens and aliens come out. The aliens look like alien red cats and birds. One of them says, "We're here to see the person who destroys the comet a few years ago so we can destroy that person." Speedy and Good Bird pointed at each other and said, "He's the one." The aliens tell the heroes that the comet that they destroy was their energy supply and when it was destroyed, their planet was in crisis and they vowed to get the person responsible for that. Good Bird said, "It was Seymour's and Speedy's fault they’re the ones who did it." Speedy said, "It's your fault too!" One of the aliens said, "Unless you have another energy supply your willing to provide for us, your planet will be doom in less than 24 hours." The aliens went back to the space ship and head up to the air. Aiko cries and says, "We're all going to die and it's your entire fault Daddy!" Kazuma says, "It's your fault too Father!" Speedy and GB look at each other and they said, "It's also Seymour's fault as well and no one is yelling at him." Guido says, "Let's stop playing the blame game and do something about it." The heroes thought about it for a while and they have an idea. The heroes head to Guru for help. Speedy tries everything to convince Guru to help him out until Polly steps up and says, "I'll do it." Polly grabs Guru and she rubs his head on her breasts. Speedy is shocked and he covers Aiko's eyes. Guru says, "I'll help you." Polly blushes out of embarrassment. Later, Speedy and the others carry boxes that say, "Energy supply." Speedy yells, "We got some energy supply for you all. Now you can leave our planet alone." One of the aliens yells, "Your too late, prepare to attack!" The aliens attack Little Tokyo. Speedy and the others fight off the aliens. All of the heroes use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finishing moves to defeat the aliens and destroy the weapons. Suddenly, another alien space ship appears and the aliens on that ship apologize to Speedy and the people of Earth. The alien space ship that attack their planet were not supposed to attack the planet, but give the planet a bill for the comet energy supply they destroyed. However, since Speedy and the others were giving them a new energy supply, they'll forget about the bill and take the energy supply as a peace offering. The aliens punished the other aliens for attacking Earth. Later, Speedy asked, "Guru, in those boxes we gave to the aliens, are they really going to help the aliens?" Guru says, "Let's just say that these aliens will not be coming back to this planet for a long time." Speedy is confused. Meanwhile, the aliens open the boxes and they got sake. The aliens use the sake to power the ship and the ship moves twice as fast than before.

Episode 699: The Neo Clan was the deadly but peaceful ninja clan who will not hurt people but helps the Pizza Cats who were in need of a situation. Speedy saw the Neo Clan leader and said, "It is nice seeing you again my cousin." The Neo Clan leader said, "It is nice seeing you again cousin." Speedy shows his cousin to the Pizza Cats. The Neo Clan leader said, "Hello my name is Lokontey Cerviche. I am Speedy's cousin and leader of the Neo Clan." Speedy introduces Lokontey Cerviche to his friends and family. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure spies on the Neo Clan and he heads to a secret base and he tells his master about the Neo Clan. The master says, "Let's see how strong the Neo Clan is. If their powerful then will plan on taking the Neo clan over and I'll be leader of Neo Clan. Send out a squad of robots at the Neo Clan. Let's see how powerful the clan is. (Evil Laugh)" Meanwhile, Lokontey Cerviche says, "Speedy, you and your friends are famous for defeating the Seven Deadly Warriors. The Seven Deadly Warriors were the most dangerous and the most intelligent group on the planet and you guys defeated them." Speedy and the others blush. Speedy says, "We had helped." Lokontey Cerviche says, "If it wasn't for you all, the Seven Deadly Warriors would have attack our clan and destroys us all." Speedy says, "Glad to help." Suddenly, a squad of robots appears. The heroes and the Neo Clan team up to fight the squad of robots. The heroes destroyed half of the robots while the Neo Clan destroyed the other half of the robots. After destroying the entire robot, the heroes did their pose. Meanwhile, the mysterious master heard that the robot squad is defeated. The mysterious master is pleased to hear that the Neo Clan defeated the robot squad. One of his henchmen tells his master that the Samurai Pizza Cats help them out. The mysterious master said, "I'm not interested in those Samurai Pizza Cats. I want to take over the Neo Clan. The first step is to get rid of the leader, Lokontey Cerviche." Meanwhile, the heroes and the Neo Clan head home. Speedy and Lokontey said goodbye to each other. Lokontey says, "If you ever need help call us." Speedy nodded and he says, "Thank you."

Episode 700: Dr. Purple has a plan that will get rid of the Samurai Pizza Cats for good. Dr. Purple orders Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow to hunt down an old gypsy girl that is living at the countryside. Meanwhile, the Samurai Pizza Cats are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Aiko and Kazuma are taking the customers' orders. Meanwhile, Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow found the old gypsy girl. The old gypsy girl is an old flamingo. The bad guys offer the old gypsy girl money to come up with a potion that will kill the Samurai Pizza Cats, but the old gypsy girl refuses because she doesn't want to do any evil. Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow threatened to kill her. The old gypsy girl couldn't escape and she had no choice but to make a potion that will kill the Samurai Pizza Cats. The old gypsy girl says, "I have an idea to get the Samurai Pizza Cats to drink the potion." Later, Speedy is making deliveries until he saw Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows attacking innocent people. Speedy calls Polly and the others to help out. Later, Speedy and the others show up with their fighting armors and they scare Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows away. The people thank the heroes for helping them out. The old gypsy girl shows up and she thanks the heroes by giving them a bottle of sake. Later that night, Speedy opens the bottle of sake. Aiko asked, "How old I need to be to drink sake?" Polly says, "I can't believe you ask that question. Drinking is bad for you." Aiko says, "You’re drinking." Polly says, "When you’re 21 years old then you'll drink." Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird drink the bottle of sake. Later that night, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird begin to feel weird and they started to feel pains and they collapse to the floor. Their bodies turn purple. The next morning, Francine found them on the floor and she scream. Later, Francine tries to revive the four heroes, but nothing works. Francine calls Al Dente about this and he immediately rush to the restaurant. Al tries to figure out what happen to Speedy and the others, but he can't find the problem. Francine and Carla cry for Speedy and the others. Aiko and Kazuma cry for a while thinking that Speedy and the others are dead. Aiko and Kazuma get angry and they said, "They will pay!" Aiko and Kazuma put on their fighting armors and they head out. Later, Dr. Purple and the others get ready to celebrate until Aiko and Kazuma break into their home and attack the bad guys out of pure rage. Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and a group of Ninja Crows try to fight them off, but Aiko and Kazuma overwhelm them. Dr. Purple is frightened by them. Dr. Purple says, "Those kids are furious. What did I ever do to them?" Aiko and Kazuma get ready to kill Dr. Purple until the old gypsy girl show up and she stops them from killing Dr. Purple. Dr. Purple says, "Thank you very much." The old gypsy girl punches Dr. Purple causing him to be knocking out unconscious. The old gypsy girl tells Aiko and Kazuma that Dr. Purple and his gang forced her to create a potion that will get rid of the Samurai Pizza Cats. However, the potion that she gave Speedy and the others isn't a potion that can kill them. The potion puts them in a coma instead. The old gypsy girl gave Aiko and Kazuma an antidote that can wake up Speedy and the others. The old gypsy girl apologizes for what she did and she wants to make amends for it. The old gypsy girl gave Dr. Purple and his gang a taste of their own medicine. Dr. Purple and his gang turn purple and their in a coma. The old gypsy girl says, "Let this be a punishment for you all." The old gypsy girl returns home. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma give the antidote to Speedy and the others. They turn back to normal and wake up from their coma. Aiko and Kazuma are happy to see them awake. Francine, Carla, and Al are happy to see them well again. Meanwhile, someone was watching Aiko and Kazuma fighting Dr. Purple and his gang. The mysterious person says, "Those kids may be a problem." Meanwhile, a group of ninjas that serve the Zodiac Clan report to their masters about Aiko and Kazuma. Meanwhile, Drake Slasher saw Aiko and Kazuma fought Dr. Purple and his gang. Drake Slasher smiles after hearing about Aiko and Kazuma. That smile means something will happen in the future and Aiko and Kazuma will be in the middle of it. Meanwhile at the Ninja Crows' Village, many Ninja Crows are spreading the word about Aiko and Kazuma. Petey Atric takes notice. Dirty Bird hears about it and he smiles as well. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma hug their fathers with joy.