Chinese Masters are martial arts masters. They appear in Fan Episodes page 10.

Master Hang; he's a wolf and leader of the group. He trains Speedy.

Master Yun; he's a heron. He used to be Hang's rival. He trains Good Bird.

Master Lin; she's a Siberian Husky. She has tons of students at her temple. She trains Polly.

Master Wu; he's a takin. He trains Guido.

Master Sparrow; she's a sparrow. She trains Francine.

Master Conall son of Master Hang; he's a wolf. He trains Carla.

Master Alaina daughter of Master Yun; she's a heron. She trains Carla

Master Holly daughter of Master Lin; she's a Siberian Husky and a little bit shy. She trains Carla

Master Suzaku son of Master Wu; he's a takin. He trains Carla

Master Snowfinch son of Master Sparrow; he's a sparrow just like his mother. He trains Carla


All of the masters are martial arts masters.

They all have Spiritual Hyper Mode.

They were the ones that trained Jerry Atric, Dirty Bird, Pride, and Hawk Wrath.

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