Bad Bird 2 is Bad Bird's (Good Bird's) half older brother and his father's first child. He appears in the Fan Episodes. His mother is a bat. He is Bad Bird's replacement for the Big Cheese. His armor is black. He and Good Bird had a long histroy together. When the Big Cheese was looking for someone to replace Bad Bird (due to the fact, they first thought Bad Bird died, not knowing he's alive and join the Pizza Cats.). Bad Bird 2 shows up and he takes the job. His first day was great (he even single handedly defeated the Pizza Cats.). Just when he was about to finish them off until Good Bird shows up and saves the Pizza Cats. Bad Bird 2, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows were shocked that Bad Bird (Good Bird) is alive and he join the Pizza Cats. Bad Bird 2 blames the Pizza Cats for turning Bad Bird (Good Bird) into a good guy. Bad Bird 2 calls his brother, Traitor or Brother. He sometimes calls him Good Bird. Bad Bird 2 has two rivals Good Bird and Speedy. Good Bird tricked Princess Vi into marrying Bad Bird 2 (Because Bad Bird 2 look a little like Good Bird but Princees Vi didn't even notice that Bad Bird 2 is a little older.) He became Princess Vi's husband for awhile. Bad Bird 2 tried to convince Princess Vi that she'd married the wrong Bad Bird. Eventually he manage to convince her that she married the wrong guy and they got divorced. The Big Cheese was very upset about it. Bad Bird 2 begins to bond with Dr. Purple. (Which Bad Bird 2 sees Dr. Purple as a father figure.) He now has a son name Bad Bird 3 (Cruel). (His son is at Flying Skull's nursing school). During his childhood, he and Good Bird were kids and the two battle each other for the title of "Bad Bird." Good Bird defeated him and took the title. (Years later Good Bird renounce the title when he became a good guy.) Bad Bird 2's goal is to kill his brother Good Bird and kill the Pizza Cats. Bad Bird 2 has not yet found out that Speedy and Good Bird are half brothers. Bad Bird 2 and Good Bird have different mothers. Good Bird and Speedy have the same mother while Bad Bird 2 have a different mother. Bad Bird 2 manage to cripple General Catton. The Big Cheese and Dr. Purple are proud of what he did. One time Bad Bird 2 call Dr. Purple, father which Dr. Purple is happy when he call him that. Bad Bird 2 will be the Sundance Kid's new partner. Bad Bird 2 got injured during the battle against the SPC and GB. Dr. Purple patch up his wounds and Dr. Purple uses a device to replace his memories. Bad Bird 2's memories of his childhood throughout his life is replace by Dr. Purple. Bad Bird 2 thinks Dr. Purple raise him since he was a baby. Dr. Purple finally made Bad Bird 2, his son. Dr. Purple even rewritten Bad Bird 2's DNA so the DNA will tell that Dr. Purple is Bad Bird 2's father. Dr. Purple even did it on Bad Bird 2's son, Cruel (Bad Bird 3). Dr. Purple even erase Bad Bird 2's memories of Good Bird being his brother. Bad Bird 2 no longer see Good Bird as his brother. This act really anger Good Bird. Good Bird almost kill Dr. Purple. To Good Bird's eyes, Good Bird see that Dr. Purple 'murder' his brother. The reason why Good Bird got angry is the fact that no matter how evil Bad Bird 2 is, he is still Good Bird's brother.


Dirty Bird (father)


Bad Bird (later Good Bird)

Princess Vi (ex-wife)

Dr. Purple

Cruel (Bad Bird 3)

Haman Crow