Bad Bird (later Good Bird), (World G) appears in Fan Movie 4. He is World G counterpart of Bad Bird. He dies saving Little Tokyo. He's Kazuma's father. Kazuma see him in his dreams. When Jerry Atric tells Kazuma that Bad Bird is his father. When Kazuma finally meets Good Bird and Carla, he breaks down crying with tears and he's happy that those two are his parents. Kazuma hugs them and he tells them that he loves them. After seeing his parents return to the afterlife, Kazuma decided to become a hero just like them and his adopted family.

In the Alternate Ending 'Neutral Ending,' Good Bird and Carla punish the Samurai Pizza Cats by haunting them in their dreams because the Pizza Cats let Princess Vi adopted Kazuma. Speedy and the others beg for forgiveness, but to no avail.